Sources of CSET Tips

CSET or the California Subject Examinations for Teachers is a test administered to identify the candidates who possess the ability, knowledge and skills to become good teachers. It is a difficult test but with proper preparation, you can ace the test easily. There are a few CSET tips that you could follow which will help you in achieving your target of passing the test.

A Few CSET Tips...

  1. Learn about the Test - The first and foremost CSET tip to pass the test is to learn about the test. Try to collect as much information about the test as possible because this knowledge will help you in preparing for the test. Also, understand the questions pattern and study for the test accordingly.

  2. Decide on the preparation methodology - There are different methodologies to prepare for the test like self-study, group-study and attending professional classes. All the methods have both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you must decide on the method that will suit you the best.

    1. Self-Study - If you are confident and the kind of person who is self-driven, then self-study is the best option for you. Using this method, you can prepare for the test by yourself at your own pace.

    2. Group-study - If you work better in small groups, then you and your friends can come together and prepare for the test. The advantages in this method are that you can share books and test each other within the group itself.

    3. Professional help - If you think you need external or professional help, then it is best to join a professional coaching center for CSET preparation. In this method, the main advantage is that all the study materials will be given by the coaching center itself. The main disadvantage is that the fee for the course may be high.

  3. Collect the study materials - Without proper study materials, you cannot prepare properly for the test. Hence, try to identify the books or other study materials that can be used for preparation and procure them.

  4. Brush up the concepts you have studied - The syllabus for the test covers the various topics you have studied in your schooling years. Therefore, try to brush up the concepts you have studied in school.

  5. Draft a Schedule - This is one of the most useful CSET tips. Draft a study schedule and follow it diligently. This will help you study for all the topics before the test. Also, review your progress periodically and make the required alterations in your schedule accordingly.

  6. Take up practice tests - Practice tests play a very important role in a test preparation. Therefore, try to take up as many practice tests as possible. These tests will help you understand the questions pattern and will throw light on the amount of effort you have to put in.

  7. Avoid stress - Stress is the foremost enemy for scoring high scores in a test. Relieve the stress by practicing mind relaxing techniques like yoga. Be confident that you will do well in the test and study for it with such a mindset.

Sources of CSET Tips

The CSET tips are available in books, online sites and discussion forums.

  • Books - The CSET test preparation books come with many study and stress-relieving tips. These tips are either given as a separate chapter or are provided after each chapter. The tips include methods to solve problems in easier methods, ways to identify the correct answer by excluding the wrong choices and methods to remember various formulae and other such data. Some of the books that you can refer to are:

    • Barron's CSET: California Subject Matter Exams for Teachers: Multiple Subjects- Dr. Robert D. Postman
    • CSET: Multiple Subjects-Cliffs Test Prep; Jerry Bobrow Ph.D. & Stephen Fisher
  • Online Sites - Most of the websites that offer information about the test carry CSET tips as well. The official website of the CSET test, http://www.cset.nesinc.com/index.asp also provides useful tips.

  • Forums - Many forums regarding the test are available online. In these, many CSET tips are available in the discussions or threads posted. These are also very useful since they are provided by candidates like you. Some of the forums you can use are


While preparing for any test, tips and strategies help you a lot. Similarly, the CSET tips help you in answering the questions in easier ways and also help you in keeping your mind calm. Try to use these tips to the maximum and benefit immensely from them.

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