CSET Test Scores

How does a Good Score in CSET Benefit You?

The CSET is an exam administered to identify those candidates who have the ability, skills and knowledge to become competent teachers in California and this selection is based on the CSET test scores you attain.

Details about the Test Scores

  • The CSET test is composed of different categories namely:

    • CSET: Multiple Subjects
    • CSET: Writing Skills
    • CSET: Single Subject
    • CSET: LOTE
    • CSET: preliminary Educational Technology
  • Each category is made up of subtests and multiple-choice questions and constructed-response type questions are administered in these.

  • The raw scores are based on the number of correct responses to the multiple-choice questions and the scores attained in the constructed-response type questions.

  • The scaled scores or the CSET test scores are obtained by multiplying the pre-assigned weight of a subtest with the raw scores obtained in it.

  • The scores fall in the range of 200 to 300 and you must attain a minimum of 220 to pass the test.

  • Few subjects like CSET: Art Subtest II and CSET: Music Subtest II require you to submit your art work and music videos respectively to pass the subject.

  • You can pass each subtest separately and you need not reappear for the subtests you have already passed.

  • The CSET test scores are released after four weeks of the test date. However, CSET: Mathematics test results are released after six weeks of the test date. The date of the test score release is specified along with the registration details.

  • The scores are released from 10.00 pm onwards on the specified date.

  • These CSET score reports would be available as PDF documents for 45 days after the release of the results.

  • You can verify your test scores. However, score verification for the multiple-choice questions is not available since they are scored electronically.

  • For the constructed-response type questions’ score verification, a hand written request for verification has to be made which should include your name, CSET identification number, the test date, the subtests for which scores have to be verified and the last five digits of your Social Security number.

  • You must pay a separate fee to avail this service. If there is a change in the CSET test scores, then the fee will be refunded.

  • A CSET test score report will be sent to you and the following information will be provided on it:

    • Passing Status - A message stating whether you have passed the test or not.

    • Summary Information - The information about the different subtests you have passed till that date.

    • Diagnostic Information (provided on the reverse)- Your strengths and weaknesses in each of the subtests.

  • The scores of the subtest that you have passed are not provided in the score report and this is done to prevent your CSET test scores from being used for purposes other than credentialing.

  • Additional copies of your test results can be obtained by submitting the form available at http://www.cset.nesinc.com/PDFs/CS_20122013TestResultsRequestForm.pdf.

  • You can cancel your test results for the paper-based format by submitting a score cancellation form or by submitting a written request.

Benefits of CSET Test Scores

The only purpose and benefit of the CSET test scores is for employment and assignment of teaching jobs in California.

Only if you pass the CSET tests, can you become a teacher in California and hence, if your aim is to become a teacher, then you have to perform well in the test and attain good scores.

To Wrap Up...

If you pass a subtest, your actual CSET test scores are not released. However, if you fail, your scores are released and based on the scores; you can alter your studying pattern and try to pass the test in your subsequent attempt. This is an important test and with proper preparation you can pass it and become a teacher in California.

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