Test Registration Details for the CSET

Various Methods of CSET Test Registration

The California Subject Examinations for Teachers examination is meant for individuals who wish to teach in the state of California. Irrespective of the subject that you wish to teach in school, you may find yourself taking this test as a part of the job recruitment process or you can take the same simply to certify that you have the skills for and knowledge of specific subject(s). You may already know that there are different types of exams included in this test and these are Multiple Subjects, Single Subjects, LOTE, Writing Skills & Preliminary Educational Technology. Irrespective of which test you take, you need to make sure that you carry out the registration for the same on time. Why is that? This is because the test is not offered everyday and you need to know the dates on which it is available so that you can reserve a seat for yourself. The number of seats for the examination is limited and if you do not register fast then you may not be able to book a seat for a particular date. If you do not know a lot about this test, then you may not know how you can enrol for the same. Read on to find out how you can register for this examination.

How to Register for the CSET?

Before you register for the exam, you need to first decide which type of test you would like to take. This is dependent on which subject(s) you would like to be certified for. For instance, if you want to teach Mathematics then you will be taking the CSET Math exam. Given below are the various methods that you can consider to register for the examination:

  1. Registering for the test online- This is one of the most common and popular options that is chosen by candidates to register for the test. During the registration period, you can enrol your name for the exam seven days a week and twenty-fours a day. You can enrol for the test by clicking on the link here https://reg3.nesinc.com/MyAccountCA/SignOn.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fmyaccountca%2fDefault.aspxYou will first have to create an account with the website first before you can register. Once you have created one, you can then follow the instructions given there for the purpose of registration. Keep in mind that you need to give a valid email address along with your credit card information and Social Security number. It is possible for you to receive your result via email if you sign up for this facility. You will have to pay for the test by making use of your debit or credit card.

  2. Registration through phone - You also have the option to register for the examination through phone call. This facility is only offered for the paper-based test and only for late or emergency registrations. The numbers that you can call for this purpose are (916) 928-4003 and (800) 205-3334. Keep in mind that you cannot register for the exam for someone else because it is against the law. Make sure that you give your name that appears exactly as it does in your government issued identity. You will have to pay for the examination via debit or credit card. It is recommended that you have a paper and pen ready with you when you give them a call because you will be provided with vital information, such as the address of the testing location and the reporting time.

To Conclude...

It is best that you register for the test as soon as you decide to take this exam because if you are late, then you may not be able to secure a seat for yourself. You can choose from any one of the options mentioned above, depending on which one is more suitable for you. If you are someone who prefer to do things online, then you can consider the first registration option otherwise you can choose to enrol for the test via telephone.