Choose A CSET Study Guide Only After Careful Consideration

CSET Test Details that You Must Know

Do you want to become a teacher in California? In such a case, you may be asked to take the California Subject Examinations for Teachers by the school that is considering you for the teaching position. This is basically an exam that will assess what skills you have and whether you are fit to be a teacher or not. If you score high in this test, it will mean that you have the potential to be a teacher; as you have knowledge in the subject that you wish to teach in. This is the reason why it is vital that you obtain a score as high as possible. Before you do anything else, it is important for you to do some background work and understand what this examination is all about.

Everything that You Need to Know about CSET

If you refer to a test book, you will find that the most important tip they will tell you is to understand the test well before you take the same. You need to be aware of certain points that will help you at the time of preparation as well as on the day of the test. Given below are the important details that you ought to know about this examination:

  • There are five kinds of exams that are included in this examination and these are Single Subject, Multiple Subjects, Writing Skills, LOTE & Preliminary Educational Technology. The test that you take will depend on the subject(s) that you wish to teach. For instance, if you want to teach several subjects then you will need to take the Multiple Subjects exam. You will need to get a good book to help you with your preparation that is relevant to the exam that you are taking.

  • Each test will have various subtests that you will have to work on. For example, if you are taking Mathematics then you will find that there are three subtests: Subtest I, II & III. The scoring of these sections will be carried out separately.

  • The test can be a computer-based or a paper-based examination, depending on the type of test that you will be taking. If you will be taking the Single Subject, then you will have to take the exam on paper but if you will be taking the Multiple Subjects exam, you will be taking the test on a computer.

  • This is a timed test where you will be given a deadline for the exam that you are taking. For example, you will be given a time period of five hours if you will be taking the Single Subject test. The various tests have different time limits and you can find out more about this by checking the official website of the examination (

  • Another important detail that most books or courses will tell you is that the questions that you will face in the test can be multiple-choice and/or constructed-response questions. This will depend on the test that you are taking. For example, if you are taking the Writing Skills exam then you will find two constructed-response questions there.

  • You will be able to obtain your score report in about four weeks from the date of the examination. The result will be uploaded online and you can access it by logging into your account from the official website of the examination. Do note that the result will be online only for 45 days, after which it will be removed. You will have to print the same before the deadline.

To Conclude...

Understanding the test is important and it is equally important for you to study for the same effectively. With so many study guides and courses available, you can select an option that will be suitable for you. Make sure that you start studying for the test as early as possible.