CSET Test Dates

3 Tips for Selection on CSET Test Dates

Potential candidates who possess the knowledge and skills to become good teachers for schools are identified with the help of the CSET or the California Subject Examinations for Teachers. The test is available for various subjects and for various levels.

Before learning about the CSET test dates, one has to know a few details about the test:

  1. Subjects Tested

    CSET: Multiple Subjects- The candidates who pass this test can teach the different subjects in the elementary school level.

    CSET: Single Subject- The candidates who pass this test can teach that particular subject at the secondary school level.

    CSET: Writing Skills- This test is a basic requirement for becoming a teacher.

    CSET: Preliminary Educational Technology- This test is used for assessing an individual’s knowledge of computers that is required for a school setting.

    CSET: LOTE- A passing score in this test is required for bilingual authorization.

  2. Format

    There are two formats of the CSET test. One is the computer-based testing format and the other is the paper-based testing format.

    Mathematics, Writing Skills and Multiple Subjects are available in the computer-based testing format and Single Subject, Preliminary Educational Technology and LOTE are available in the paper-based testing format.

Test Dates for the CSET

The CSET test dates for the two formats of the test are different.

Paper-based Testing

The paper-based tests are available only on stipulated dates. They are scheduled for once a month on alternate months. The months when the tests are available are September, November, January, March, May, and July.

Computer-based Testing

The CSET test dates for this format of the test are available all through the year from Monday to Saturday barring holidays. The test is not administered from November 25th to December 1st. Seats for this testing format are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tips for Choosing a Test Date

Choosing the appropriate date from the available CSET test dates is a formidable task and one needs to be very careful while selecting them. The following three tips would help one in making the right choice:

  1. Preparation Time - Preparation is essential for passing the CSET test. While deciding on the test date, the time that would be required for the preparation has to be given importance. One can take up a pre-test and evaluate the areas that need preparation and the time required for the same. Based on this, a date for the test can be fixed. Also, one needs to think about his/ her activities or other commitments during the time preceding the test date because the preparation would get hampered because of these commitments and this would in turn result in poor performance in the test.

  2. Format and Availability - One has to identify the format of the test that is available for the subject he/she would be taking up. If it is available in the computer-based testing format, there would be many dates available. On the other hand, if it is available in the paper-based testing format, then the available CSET test dates are fewer and the registration has to be done at the earliest.

  3. Subtests - The different tests in the CSET have subtests in them and these subtests can be taken up on different CSET test dates and therefore, one has to identify these and decide on a test date based on whether he/she wants to take up the test on different dates or on the same date.


Selecting the right test date is a daunting task and the above-mentioned tips prove to be very useful in making that decision because these help one in thinking about all the important points that need to be considered before deciding on a test date. It has to be remembered that choosing a test date is one of the most important tasks before the actual test. Once the choice is made, one can concentrate fully on the preparation and ace the test to become a teacher in California.

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