CSET Subtest iii

All about the CSET Subtest iii

The California Subject Examination for Teachers or CSET allows the test takers or would-be teachers to meet the criteria of this exam for obtaining credentials or certification that are required for teaching. The subjects of this test are varied in nature and the candidates have to attempt questions in multiple-choice format and also construct their own responses according to the demand of the subtest.

There are certain conditions against which the performances of the candidates are judged in CSET. The development and administration and scoring of the test is done by CTC or California Commission for Teacher Credentialing and Evaluation Systems group of Pearson

Basic Features of CSET Subtest iii

There are different categories of subtests in all the major domains of CSET test and the test takers need to familiarize themselves with all of them for obtaining the desired scores. As far as CSET subtest iii is concerned, the aspirants of CSET should note the features of the same from the following points:

  • The CSET subtest iii is one of the divisions of the Multiple Subjects test of CSET.

  • The time allotted for this subtest is 2.25 hours or 135 minutes.

  • The contents of this test include Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts and Human Development.

  • The candidates may decide to take this subtest in a single sitting or combine all the three subtests of Multiple Subjects together.

  • The CSET subtest iii is available only in computer based testing.

The Topics of CSET Subtest iii

While the above-mentioned points talk about the basic features of CSET subtest iii, the following points will uncover about the topics of this subtest in detail:

  • Physical Education: The test takers who are eager to earn credentials for Multiple Subjects must understand the significance of this topic that enables them to understand the fundamental motor skills. Additionally, they should learn about the concepts of maintaining the physical health of an individual in association with exercises and activities that lead to the same. Furthermore, the test takers should also understand how to inspire the students to participate in different kinds of gaming and non-gaming activities pertaining to different cultures.

    1. The first domain of this subtest includes Movement Skills and Movement Knowledge in which the candidates get an opportunity to focus on the Basic Movement Skills, Exercise Physiology related to Health and Physical Fitness and Different Forms of Movements.

  • Visual and Performing Arts: In this topic of CSET subtest iii, the candidates intending to earn certification in Multiple Subjects must concentrate on different art forms and the concepts or basic principles that are associated with the same. Besides this, the test takers should also focus on visual arts and deal with the artistic features of visual and performing arts.

    1. The first domain of Visual and Performing Arts include Dance followed by Music as the second domain along with Theater and Visual Arts and third and fourth domains.

  • Human Development: This is the third category of CSET subtest iii in which the test takers implement their knowledge of emotional, social and physical faculties for differentiating the behavior of children. Besides this, the differences and alikeness of behavior are related to human development. In other words, the physical and mental faculties of children are explored in a parallel manner for finding the reasons of children’s behavior.

    1. In the first domain of Human Development, the category includes Cognitive Development from Birth through Adolescence or Cognitive Development, accompanied by Social and Physical development from Birth through Adolescence and Influences on Development from Birth through Adolescence.

CSET Subtest iii: Moving One Step Forward

Thus, CSET subtest iii is a portion of the Multiple Subjects test of CSET in which the candidates have to work on the above-mentioned topics by consulting appropriate resources. The credentials earned by the candidates through the subtests of Multiple Subjects allow the test takers to excel in the field of teaching.

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