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Different Types of CSET Study Materials

The CSET is a test administered to identify candidates who have the ability, skills and knowledge to become teachers in California. This test is difficult and you must prepare well to pass it. For the test preparation, good study materials are required and there are different types of materials available in today’s market. This article talks about the CSET study materials in the first part and a few good books are reviewed in the second part.

Different Types of Study Materials

  • Books

    Books are the easiest tool that you can use for preparing for the CSET test. Any comprehensive book would cover all the topics and this is a big advantage. The other advantages include two to three practice tests, answers with explanations for the problems and practice test questions, and tips to study better. Both online books and conventional books are available which can be used for the preparation. You must be careful while choosing the appropriate book and therefore, try to read the reviews of a few books and choose the one that you think will suit you the best.

  • Practice Tests

    You must practice as many tests as possible before you take up the CSET test and practice tests are an integral part of any test preparation. They are a type of CSET study material that will help you in understanding the format of the test, increase your answering speed and help you in understanding the problems better. Though a few practice tests are provided as part of most CSET books, separate practice tests are also available for test prep. These are available online and you can use them to improve your test taking skills. The practice tests also help you understand your weak and strong areas and subsequently, you can work on improving your weak areas.

  • Review Materials

    Apart from books and practice tests, there are some materials that provide information about the test and give the details of the syllabus of the test. This type of CSET study material can be used for understanding the topics covered in the test. Mostly, this type of material is available online.

CSET Book Reviews

  • Cracking the CSET (Professional Test Preparation)- Princeton Review

    This CSET study material covers all the topics of the CSET: Multiple Subject and CSET: Writing Skills category. Tips and strategies that will help you pass the test are provided in this book. The process of elimination which will help you answer the multiple-choice questions is discussed in detail. Practice tests with answers and detailed explanations are also present in this book. This book is a complete package and it costs $17.09.

  • CSET: Multiple Subjects plus Writing Skills Exam: 2nd Edition (CSET Teacher Certification Test Prep)-Michelle DenBeste Ph.D., Jean O. Charney, Melissa Jordine Ph.D., James L Love M.A.T., Maire Mullins Ph.D., Ted Nickel Ph.D., Jin H. Yan Ph.D.

    This CSET book comprehensively covers the CSET: Multiple Subjects and CSET: Writing Skills category and it has been written by subject experts. The lessons in it are provided to help you strengthen the skills required for the passing the CSET test. Tutorials are provided in it and these help in sharpening your abilities and strengths. Moreover, there are four full-length practice tests and answers with full explanations are also provided. Test-taking strategies that will improve your confidence are also offered here. The cost of the book is $15.99 and is available at amazon.com.

  • Barron's CSET: California Subject Matter Exams for Teachers: Multiple Subjects- Dr. Robert D. Postman

    The CSET: Multiple Subjects syllabus is covered fully in this CSET study material. In addition, there are 300 practice and review problems. Two practice tests are also present and detailed answer explanations to all the problems are provided. Tips to help you study better are also provided. A paperback copy of this book is available at $13.40.


A good CSET study material is required for you to prepare thoroughly for the test. You can use the book reviews provided above to choose the appropriate book for the test preparation. It is ideal that you choose the CSET study material at the earliest and prepare sincerely for the test.

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