Information About CSET Single Subject Test

What you need to Know about CSET Single Subject

Any candidate wishing to teach in California has to take up the CSET test and attain a passing score. Five categories are tested in this and Single Subject is one of them. In this article, we shall learn about the different aspects of this category.

Basic Information about CSET: Single Subject

This test is available for different subjects and the available subjects are Agriculture, Art, Business, English, Foundation-Level General Science, Specialized Science, Health Science, Home Economics, Industry and Technology Education, Languages other than English, Music, Physical Education, and Social Science. Each subject is composed of subtests and each subtest is composed of domains.

You can attempt the test in any of the above-mentioned subjects. If you pass this category of the CSET, you will be authorized to teach that particular subject you have attempted, at middle and secondary (grades 7-12) schools.

Format of the Test

This test is available in the paper-based format. One session of a paper-based test is for five hours and you can opt to take up to three subtests of a single exam, up to four subtests of the English test or up to three subtests from various exams if they come under English, Science, Specialized Science or Social Science.

Question Types and Scoring

Both multiple-choice questions and constructed-response type questions are administered in the different subtests of the test. The total number of questions is different for each subtest. The multiple-choice questions are scored based on the number of correct answers and there is no negative marking for incorrect answers. For constructed-response type questions, the responses are scored by experts based on certain standards and these standards vary for the different subjects.

The scores received for the different subtests are termed raw scores. These raw scores are multiplied with a pre-assigned weight of that particular subtest. The resultant score is termed the scaled score. The range of the scaled score is 100-300. The score you have to attain to pass the test is 220. You can also pass the subtests one by one.

Test Dates

Since this is available only in the paper-based format, the test dates are available once in two months in the months of September, November, January, March, May and July.

Test Registration

The registration for the test can be made online or over phone. While online registrations are accepted during the regular, late and emergency periods, the phone registration is available only in the late and emergency periods. Another difference between the two registration modes is that online registration is available on all days, but phone-in registration is only available on working days from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Test Fees

The test fee varies for the different subjects offered in this examination. This website gives the details of test fee for all the subjects, The fee can be paid by using a credit, debit or check card which has a MasterCard or Visa logo on it.

Test Preparation

Whatever subject you choose, a systematic and complete preparation is essential. California expects the teachers to have thorough knowledge of their respective subjects and therefore, the tests are difficult to pass. However, there are lots of good study materials available today which can be used for a comprehensive preparation. If you are confident and self-motivated, you can prepare for the test by yourself. If you have good friends, then all of you can join together and prepare for the test. However, if you think you need professional guidance, many companies offer preparatory programs for the various subjects. You can enroll in one of them and benefit immensely.

To Conclude

If your dream is to become a teacher, then you must pass the test and to become a middle school or secondary school teacher, you have to identify the subject you have specialized in and take up the Single Subject test. Also, you have to prepare for the test and pass it to realize your dream of becoming a teacher.