CSET Scores

How are CSET Scores Used?

After taking up an exam, the most awaited day is the day the scores are released because scores are the true reflection of your performance in a test and they alone decide if you have qualified in the test or not. Similarly, the CSET scores determine whether you are fit to be a teacher or not. In this article, information about the scoring methods, passing requirements, when the test scores are released, and verification of scores are provided.

Scores of the CSET Test

The CSET is composed of various categories and each category is composed of subtests. The subtests are scored based on the number of questions you have correctly answered. These scores are called the raw scores. These raw scores are multiplied with a pre-assigned weight of the subtest and the resultant scores are termed the scaled scores or the CSET scores.

CSET Passing Requirements

The CSET scores for each subject are released in the range of 200 to 300 and you must obtain a minimum score of 220 to attain a passing score in the subtest. Few subjects like CSET: Art Subtest II and CSET: Music Subtest II require you to submit your art work and music videos respectively to pass the subject.

Release of CSET Test Scores

The CSET scores are released on a specified date and the timings are from 10.00pm onwards. These CSET score reports would be available as PDF documents for 45 days after the release of the results. You can view, print or save them.

If you have registered online, you could request the authorities to send your score report by email. If you have registered by telephone, the report will be sent to you by the U.S. mail to the address you have provided in the registration form. You can change the address of communication by logging on to your account on the CSET website and updating the contact information.

Your CSET scores will be reported to you, the CTC and the institutions whose details you have provided in the registration form.

Score Verification

The verification of the scores of the multiple-choice questions is not available since it is electronically scored and therefore error free. For the other constructed-response type questions, which include oral, written and videos, you may request for verification. A hand written request for verification must be made which should include your name, CSET identification number, the test date, the subtests for which scores have to be verified and the last five digits of your Social Security number. A separate fee has to be paid for this service and the request must be sent within 90 days of the test score release date to the Evaluation Systems.

If there is a change in the CSET scores after the verification process, the corrections will be made and the fee will be refunded, else, you will be intimated about it and the fee will not be refunded.

The Score Report

The CSET score report contains the following information:

  • Passing Status - A message stating whether you have passed the test or not.

  • Summary Information - The information about the different subtests you have passed till that date.

  • Diagnostic Information (provided on the reverse)- Your strengths and weaknesses in each of the subtests.

A Few Points to Remember...

  • Each subtest can be passed individually

  • You can log in to your account to view your test history- the number of tests passed, attempts and other such details.

  • Additional copies of your test results can be obtained b submitting the form available at http://www.cset.nesinc.com/PDFs/CS_20122013TestResultsRequestForm.pdf.

  • To prevent the use of CSET scores for other purposes, the scores of the subtests you have passed are not mentioned on the report.

  • The only way to attain the passing scores in the CSET is to prepare well for the test

  • You can cancel your test results for the paper-based format by submitting a score cancellation form or by submitting a written request

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