CSET Scores Online

Steps Involved in Viewing CSET Scores Online

After taking up any test, everyone waits for the release of the results. In today's world of internet, any information is available online and similarly the CSET scores are also available online. It is best that you learn the steps to view your scores online and benefit from it. The details of the CSET scores and the steps involved in viewing the CSET scores online are provided in this article.

The CSET Scores

  • The CSET scores online are released on the date that is specified while you register for the test.

  • The results will be sent to you, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) and the institutions you have specified while registering for the test.

  • The results are usually available after six weeks of the test date in case of the CSET: Mathematics and four weeks after the test date in case of other categories.

Steps for Viewing the CSET Scores

Other Details about the Test Scores

  • Based on the number of correct responses, a raw score is awarded and this score is multiplied with a pre-assigned weight to arrive at a scaled score.

  • Each subtest is scored separately.

  • The scaled score is in the range of 200 to 300 and the minimum passing score is 220.

  • For some subtests like CSET: Art Subtest II and CSET: Music Subtest II, you must submit your art work and music videos respectively to attain a passing score in the subject.

  • Each subtest can be passed separately and once you have passed one, you need not reappear for it.

  • You can verify your test scores only for the constructed-response type questions. For the multiple-choice questions, score verification is not available since they are scored electronically.

  • A hand written request must be submitted for the score verification of the constructed-response type questions and it must contain your name, CSET identification number, the test date, the subtests for which scores have to be verified and the last five digits of your Social Security number. A separate fee has to be paid to avail this service.

  • If there is a change in the CSET test scores, then the fee will be refunded else it will not be refunded.

  • The CSET score report will contain the following details

    • Passing Status - Information about your passing status.

    • Summary Information - The details about the subtests you have passed till date.

    • Diagnostic Information - Your strengths and weaknesses in each subtest is provided on the reverse

  • You can obtain additional copies of your test results by downloading and filling up a form available at http://www.cset.nesinc.com/PDFs/CS_20122013TestResultsRequestForm.pdf

  • You can cancel your test scores for the paper-based test alone within 7 days of the test date. You must submit a completed score cancellation form along with a written request.

  • The test results are used only for employment and assignment of teaching jobs.

  • If you pass a subtest, your actual test scores are not released

To Conclude...

In today's world, most of the students view their test results online. Viewing your CSET scores online is a very fast method and you can view your test results from anywhere in the world since the only thing you need is an internet connection. You can follow the above-mentioned steps for viewing your results online and benefit from it.

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