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Books for CSET Review that You Cannot Do Without

The CSET is an exam that is administered to identify candidates who possess the knowledge and skills required for a teacher. There are five categories in the test and a pass in the different categories makes you eligible for various levels and subjects. The five categories are:

  • CSET: Multiple Subjects
  • CSET: Single Subject
  • CSET: Writing Skills
  • CSET: Preliminary Education Technology

Preparation for the Test

Preparation is essential to pass the CSET test. There are many methods that you can follow for this, like self-study, group-study or professional help. However, a CSET review book is indispensable irrespective of the method of study you follow.

CSET Review Books

There are many good CSET review books available in both the conventional book stores and online stores. Moreover, free study materials are also available online. First, let us see the importance of using a book and later in the article, reviews of a few good CSET books are provided.

Advantages of Using CSET Review Books

The categories in the CSET are varied and you can choose to take up one or two categories based on the requirements. Therefore, there are separate CSET study guides for the different subjects.

There are many advantages in using a CSET review book and some of them are listed here:

  • Topics Covered - All the topics of a subject will be covered in a CSET review book. Therefore, one book will be enough for the entire test preparation.

  • Explanations - Full explanations for the questions and problems will be given and therefore, even if similar problems are asked in the test, they can be solved by you.

  • Exam Tips - Simple ways to approach a problem and other such tips are given in a CSET review book. These tips are very useful while taking up the test.

  • Practice Tests - Practice is the most important aspect of a good preparation. Good books have at least 2 or 3 practice tests. These tests improve your confidence level and help you understand the pattern of questions that are asked in the test.

Reviews of A Few CSET Books

  1. CSET: Multiple Subjects plus Writing Skills Exam: 2nd Edition (CSET Teacher Certification Test Prep)-Michelle DenBeste Ph.D., Jean O. Charney, Melissa Jordine Ph.D., James L Love M.A.T., Maire Mullins Ph.D., Ted Nickel Ph.D., Jin H. Yan Ph.D.
    • This CSET review book has been written by subject experts who have thorough knowledge of the test.

    • It covers all the topics of CSET: Multiple Subjects and CSET: Writing Skills comprehensively.

    • Lessons are provided in such a way that they help in strengthening the required skills for passing the test.

    • Moreover, your abilities and knowledge are sharpened with the help of the tutorials available in this book.

    • In addition to these, there are four full-length practice tests available and full explanations are provided for the test questions.

    • Test-taking strategies that will improve your confidence are also offered here.

    • The cost of the book is $15.99 and is available at amazon.com.

  2. CSET Mathematics Test w/ CD, 4th Ed. (CSET Teacher Certification Test Prep- Kathryn Porter PhD
    • The book covers all the test topics in detail and questions are provided at the end of each topic.

    • These questions help you in understanding how much you have learned and also help you in practicing the problems.

    • There are two full-length practice tests which include real CSET problems and detailed answer explanations are also provided.

    • These practice tests are available on the CD and therefore, the tests can be timed as per the actual test conditions. Scores and feedback are also provided here which will help you in knowing about the topics which need more concentration from your part.

    • A study schedule and test taking tips are also provided in this CSET review book.

    • The book costs $26.02 and can be ordered from amazon.com.

  3. Cracking the CSET (Professional Test Preparation)- Princeton Review
    • All the topics of the CSET: Multiple Subjects and CSET: Writing Skills are covered in this CSET review book.

    • Strategies which will aid in passing all the subtests are provided here.

    • Methods to answer the multiple-choice questions by the process of elimination are also given in detail.

    • Practice tests with answers and detailed explanations are present in this book.

    • The cost of this book is $17.09.

To Wrap Up...

The above-mentioned CSET review books are very useful and you should possess at least one of them for your CSET preparation. A book is the most portable prep option and therefore, you can prepare from it at any place when you find time.

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