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CSET Registration Checklist

The CSET or The California Subject Examination for Teachers is a test of eligibility that enables the potential teachers to obtain certification on those subjects on which the tests are administered. In fact, the test is conducted on a variety of topics and the candidates must follow the norms of CSET registration before taking this exam, which is held on several dates throughout the year.

By taking the CSET, the test takers are expected to elucidate their knowledge on different subjects and the subtests that are related to them. The knowledge and understanding of the test takers are required while delivering lessons of different areas of the test subjects to their students.

In order to take the CSET on a specific date, the candidates must register for this exam within the designated deadline although options of late or emergency deadline is also open for the test takers. However, the candidates must peruse the CSET registration checklist for convenience regarding the execution of this process.

Checklist for Registration CSET

The following points present the checklist required before registering for CSET:

  • There are different methods of registration for Computer and Paper-based Testing and the details must be noted by those candidates who are eager to take CSET. In other words, the test takers should have their options clear while registering for this exam.

  • Thereafter, the payment procedures of CSET registration should be followed by them. The fees for the registration process is necessarily accepted through debit, credit or check card ( Master and VISA options only)

  • The candidates intending to take the test should have their personal information at their fingertips. They will be asked to provide their name, Date of Birth, Gender and Ethnicity, Email Address, the Social Security number of US and Daytime telephone number both of which are required for online registration procedure.

  • While registering for CSET, the candidates have to answer questions regarding their backgrounds. For details regarding the types of questions that are asked to the candidates, they can visit the web page at http://www.cset.nesinc.com/CS18_bgquestions.asp.

  • Lastly, the candidates of CSET must agree to follow the policies regarding test participation and all the other norms and procedures that are present in CSET registration Bulletin 2012-13. For more information on the policies, the test takers can visit the web page at http://www.cset.nesinc.com/CS18_compliance.asp.

Registration Method for Paper-Based Testing

The methods of CSET registration for Paper-based Testing are included in the following points:

  • The candidates can register for this mode of test on the internet 24x7.

  • Those candidates who belong to the regions that fall under Pacific Standard Time should follow the deadline of CSET registration according to the above-mentioned time.

  • The online registration is available for regular, late and emergency periods.

  • For paper-based Testing, registration is also available through telephone from 9-5pm Pacific Time. The candidates can register from Monday to Friday except on public holidays.

CSET Registration for Computer-Based Testing

Similarly, CSET registration is also available for Computer-based Testing, which is divided into two parts. The details of this registration are to be noted in the following points:

  • The candidates should visit the website of CSET https://reg3.nesinc.com/MyAccountCA/SignOn.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fmyaccountca%2fDefault.aspx and click on the option of “Register Now” through the account for test takers wherein, they are required to provide personal information and details regarding payment.

  • Those candidates who do not have their accounts are supposed to create one by offering the details that are required for the same by visiting the web page at http://www.cset.nesinc.com/CS18_myaccount.asp.

  • The CSET registration request of the candidates is acknowledged and they are supposed to receive an e mail from Evaluation Systems that offers them with the authority to take the test within a year from the date of issue of the same.

  • The test takers must check the information on the authorization that is sent to them through email and send a notification immediately incase rectification of errors are required in it.

The CSET website consists of comprehensive information about CSET registration procedure and checklist that must be reviewed by all the candidates who are eager to obtain teaching credentials by taking this exam.

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