CSET Registration Deadlines

Deadlines for CSET That You Must Remember

CSET or the California Subject Examinations for Teachers is a test administered by the evaluation Systems group of Pearson to identify candidates who have the potential to become teachers. To take up the CSET exam, the first step you must take is to register for the test. There are different registration modes and CSET registration deadlines. This article talks about the various aspects of registration for the CSET test.

CSET Registration Details

  • There are two modes of CSET registration and these are: online registration and phone-in registration.

  • There are three periods for the CSET registration namely, regular registration, late registration and emergency registration.

  • Online registration is available during all the registration periods.

  • You can register online after creating an account at https://reg3.nesinc.com/MyAccountCA/SignOn.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fmyaccountca%2fDefault.aspx

  • Phone-in registration is available only in the late and emergency registration periods.

  • Online registration or internet registration is available on all days at all times and the CSET registration deadlines for this mode are 5.00pm (Pacific Time) on the stipulated date.

  • When you register for the test through the online mode, you will first get an Authorization to Test mail. You can then schedule your test on a date convenient for you.

  • Phone-in registration is available only for the late and emergency periods and is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on working days alone.

  • The registration fees for the various tests are different and have to be paid by credit, debit or check card that carries a MasterCard or Visa logo on it.

  • There are no CSET registration deadlines for the computer-based testing format.

  • The subjects available in the computer-based testing format are CSET: Mathematics, CSET: Multiple Subjects and CSET: Writing Skills.

  • For the paper-based testing format, the various CSET registration deadlines are:

    • Regular registration period - Approximately 30 days before the test date

    • Late registration period - Approximately 10 days before the test date

    • Emergency registration period - Approximately four days before the test date

  • The subjects available in the paper-based testing format are CSET: Single Subject, CSET: LOTE and CSET: Preliminary Educational Technology.

  • Extra fees are collected for late and emergency registration. $18 per subtest is charged for late registration and $35 is charged for emergency registration.

  • The registration for the test is on a first-come, first-served basis and therefore, you have to register for the test as early as possible especially for the paper-based test since testing dates are available only once in two months.

  • A registration checklist is available at http://www.cset.nesinc.com/CS18_regchecklist.asp. You could start the registration process after going through the check list.

  • Before you register for the test, it would be ideal if you could follow these points:

    • Since different subjects are available in different formats, check the format in which your preferred test is available.

    • Before you start the registration process, identify the date you would like to take up the test. Moreover, try to identify more than one date, so that you can register for an alternate date if your preferred test date is unavailable.

    • Make sure that you register for the test in the name provided in a valid identity card.

    • Make sure that you register for the test keeping in mind the CSET registration deadlines.

    • If you are registering by the phone-in registration mode, keep a pencil or pen and paper handy to note down details like your test date, test center address and your responsibilities and other such details about the test. The admission ticket will be sent to you by the U.S. mail.


With the CSET registration deadlines in mind you need to register for the test. As already mentioned, since only limited seats are available, it is best to register at the earliest to ensure seat availability. Though late and emergency registrations are available, it is best that you decide on a date and register for the test at the earliest. This will avoid unnecessary additional expenses for the registration and you can start preparing for the test without any other stress.

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