CSET Preparation Books

Official CSET Preparation Books

The CSET or The California Subject Examination for Teachers paves the way for potential teachers to earn certification or credentials for teaching and enhance their opportunities in the field of education. The test has been initiated by CTC or California Commission for Teacher Credentialing along with Evaluation Systems group of Pearson for the entire admission.

The CSET presents myriad opportunities for the test takers owing to a number of subjects and topics in which the tests are administered. At the same time, the candidates of this test need to gear up their preparation for achieving the desired targets by obtaining the passing scores in this test. There are a number of resources from which the candidates can prepare for CSET. However, the official resources for this test must not be overlooked by the candidates of this test.

The Official Prep Resources for CSET

Why are the official CSET preparation books preferred over other resources? Let us find out in the following points:

  • The official sources of preparation for this test are reliable and correspond with the trends of CSET.

  • The CSET: Multiple Subjects Computer-based practice tests are similar to the actual CSET exam. However, the specifications of the computer should be met before downloading this Java program.

  • When it comes to CSET preparation books, the test guides are extremely useful for the candidates. These test guides have been developed by Evaluations Systems for CTC consists of the requirements of the subject matter or the contents of the test, the pattern of the test, details about the subtest and the areas within the same and the footnotes that are offered by the educators of California in order to help the candidates to look into various other resources from where they can prepare for this test. Besides this, the candidates can also get information about the scoring techniques that are used to evaluate the performances of the test takers, sample questions and responses for multiple choice format and constructed response assignments. The candidates are allowed to select from the list of subjects that are available in the web page at http://www.cset.nesinc.com/CS_testguide_opener.asp

  • The candidates of CSET can also access the tutorials for Computer-based testing. For more information on this the test takers should log on to http://www.cset.nesinc.com/CS_cbttutorial.asp

The preparation for CSET counts a lot towards the success of the candidates in this examination. In this regard, consultation of suitable study guides is an important step, which is to be followed by the candidates in consultation with the fellow test takers, and the candidates of previous years. As far as CSET preparation books are concerned, the onus lies on the candidates for choosing the correct materials for studying and avoid old and outdated contents to a large extent. A majority of prep books for CSET contain practice tests that should be taken by the candidates regularly in order to analyze their level of preparation for CSET and take the steps required to bring improvements for better performances.

Review of CSET Prep Books

Which are the CSET preparation books that are to be consulted by the test takers? The following points present a brief review of some of the books that are available for this test:

  • Cracking the CSET by Princeton Review: The aspirants of CSET must consult this book that consists of practice questions along with answer explanations and strategies for tackling the questions of all the three subtests of Multiple Subjects along with Writing Skills. Beside this, the test takers can benefit from the list of vocabulary that is also present in this study guide.

  • CliffsNotes CSET (with CD-ROM): This book consists of two full-length practice tests along with answer explanations. Furthermore, there are review lessons for the test takers. The unique aspect of this book is that it includes all the changes and developments that have taken place in Multiple Subjects CSET.

  • Barron's CSET: This is another of CSET preparation books consisting of over 300 practice questions, strategies for taking the test and two full-length practice tests with answer explanations.

The aspirants of CSET should make the best use of the materials that are included in CSET preparation books for rendering the best performances in this test in order to earn the credentials of teaching.

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