Top 3 Prep Options for CSET Prep

California Subject Examination for Teachers or CSET in short is a test administered by Pearson Education to identify candidates who have the knowledge and aptitude to be teachers in the state of California.

The CSET is a tough exam and a proper preparation is required if you want to pass the test. There are primarily three preparation methods that can be followed for CSET prep. This article talks about these options along with their pros and cons.

Top Three CSET Preparatory Options

  • Self-study - This is a CSET prep option where you study for the test by yourself. Identifying good study materials, preparing a schedule and monitoring your progress are the main points that you have to follow when you opt for this method of study.

    This method is suitable for those individuals who are highly motivated, sincere, dedicated and disciplined.


    • You can study as per your schedule
    • You can allot more time to the topics that you find difficult
    • This method is cost-efficient as you will be spending money only for the study materials
    • You can compensate for any study time that you have lost whenever you are free


    • Unless you are highly motivated and sincere, this method may not work for you holistically
    • Chances of wasting time are high
  • Group-study - In this preparatory method, you and a few of your friends who are also planning to take up the CSET test can join together and prepare for the test.

    This method of CSET prep is suitable if you have like-minded friends.


    • Each of you can buy different preparatory resources and share them among yourselves
    • Each of you can study different topics and teach them to the others in the group
    • This is a cost-efficient method because you will be sharing the resources


    • Unless everyone in the group is sincere, the study time will get wasted
  • Professional Help - Here, you can join a professional institution or company that offers courses for CSET prep.

    This method is suitable for those who require help and external motivation for studying.


    • All the study materials will be provided by the company
    • Tutors draft the study schedule and all that you need to do is follow it
    • Tutors would teach the different subjects and this will enable you to understand the concepts better
    • If you have doubts you can contact the tutors or subject matter experts


    • The courses can be very expensive
    • The schedule of classes is fixed by the company and you have to attend them accordingly

CSET Preparation

Irrespective of the method of study you follow, there are a few points that you have to keep in mind to succeed in the CSET test.

Know about the test - It is very important that you know about the test. This will ensure that there are no surprises in the test hall.

Draft a study schedule - It is essential that you draft a schedule and follow it diligently. If you have opted for professional help, a study schedule will be drafted for you by the tutors but ensure that you follow it.

Practice Tests - Practice tests play a very important role in preparation and therefore, try to practice as many practice tests as possible.

Believe in Yourself - You have to believe that you can succeed in the test and strive hard towards achieving it. If you do not believe in yourself, all the preparation you do will become a waste.


All the three methods of CSET prep have both advantages and disadvantages. Each one of you has to identify what you require based on the type of person you are and use that method of preparation for the CSET test. An important point to note is that whatever method of preparation you opt for, you have to be sincere and prepare for the test thoroughly to pass it and become a teacher.

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