CSET Prep Class

How to Select a CSET Prep Class

Attending a CSET prep class is one of the easiest ways of test preparation. There are many such classes available today and therefore, you need to be very cautious in selecting the right course. The points mentioned below will help you make the right decision:

  • Good and experienced faculty - The quality of a course depends on the quality of the teachers teaching the course. Therefore, before you join a CSET prep class, check if the tutors are well experienced. A tutor with rich experience will be able to teach better and will know how to help different kinds of students improve their scores.

  • Good track record of high CSET pass percentage - Try to identify the track record of the institution. An institution with a good reputation and good track record will be better suited for you.

  • Good study materials - Study materials play a very important role in the test preparation. Hence, check the quality of the study materials provided by the class.

  • CSET prep tests - The more number of preparatory tests the class conducts, the better prepared you will be for the test. Kindly, ask the CSET prep class about the number of prep tests they conduct.

  • Review sessions after the test - It is not enough if there are many prep tests, the tutors must review the test with each candidate. This type of review will make you understand your mistakes and help you in avoiding them in your exam.

  • Exam tips - There are many exam strategies and tips which will help you during the preparation as well as during the exam. It is therefore important that you check if the prep class provides these tips and strategies.

Review of a Few CSET Preparatory Classes

  1. Teachers Test Prep - http://www.teacherstestprep.com/cset-prep-classes

    This CSET prep class is a very useful preparatory class. CSET: Multiple Subjects and CSET: Single Subjects- Math, Science, Social Science and English are the subjects taught here. The instructors are well experienced and will teach you the whole syllabus, giving importance to certain areas of study and the strategies required for passing the test. Practice questions are discussed after each class and the instructors will also help you in applying your knowledge to solve similar problems. This prep class has a good pass percentage. Moreover, this program is guaranteed which means that if you do not pass the test, you can take up the course again free of cost. The fee for the course varies depending on the subjects you choose.

  2. BTPS Testing - http://www.btpstesting.com/

    This is one of the best CSET prep classes. The classes are taught by subject experts who have rich experience in tutoring students for the CSET test. This course aims at building your strengths and reducing your weaknesses. Other important features of this CSET prep class include affordable fees, freedom to repeat the course as often as required free of cost, providing all the materials required for the test preparation and use of all the latest technologies for teaching. The cost of this course is $415.

  3. Math CSET Test Program - http://www.mathcsetprep.com/index.htm

    This prep course is exclusively for the math subject. All the three subtests are covered in this course and all the tutors hold a doctorate in mathematics and have teaching experience at the university level. The duration of the course is 21 hours for each subtest and the classes are held at three locations. The course fee is $250 and a study guide that is comprehensive in nature is also provided along with the course. The prep course is guaranteed and therefore, if you do not pass the test, you may retake the course.

To Conclude...

The main advantage of a good CSET prep class is that experienced tutors teach the subject which results in a better understanding for you. Moreover, all the study materials are provided and therefore, you need not waste time on searching for good study materials. All the above-mentioned courses are good and you have to make a decision of choosing the appropriate one based on your needs and you can use the above-mentioned points to make this decision.

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