CSET Passing Score

How to Decide your Target CSET Score?

The CSET or California Subject Examination for Teachers intends to test the knowledge and skills of the candidates or potential teachers for obtaining certifications or credentials in those subjects that are tested in this exam. Each subject evaluates specific competencies of the test takers and they are required to obtain passing scores in these subjects for fulfillment of their goals.

Deciding the Target Score for CSET

Thus, the CSET passing score refers to the basic scores that are to be obtained by the candidates for getting through the CSET test. How should the candidates decide their target scores in CSET? Let us find out in the following points:

  • The CSET passing score is determined by the total number of scores that the test takers have obtained in the subtests. Thus, the candidates must follow a constructive and disciplined method of preparation for the subtests that are to be taken by them.

  • A scaled score is initially obtained by a candidate, which is based on a number of raw score points that are allotted for each section of the test. The raw scores are further transformed into a scale of 100 to 300 out of which the test takers must obtain 220 as the minimum passing score. Therefore, the test takers should analyze their strengths and weaknesses in the sections of the test and familiarize themselves with the format of questions in order to set the target score of 220.

  • Although, the candidates are allowed to take the subtests in single or different sessions, they are supposed to take all the areas of the subtests under a single administration for receiving the scores. Thus, the performance of the candidates decides whether they have the potential for attaining the target or passing scores in this exam.

  • As far as obtaining the CSET passing score is concerned, the candidates have to answer multiple-choice questions and construct their response to the assignments that are given to them. Generally, the weightage on these questions pertain to the proportion of 70 and 30 percent with a few exceptions. The performers should pay attention to this fact and decide how to pull up their scores to the level of passing status.

  • While the multiple-choice questions are scored by machine, the constructed response questions are scores by competent educators of California. Moreover, the constructed response assignments are scored on the basis of certain parameters. Thus, a test taker must have proper understanding of the patterns of questions and prepare themselves for attaining the target score or CSET passing score.

CSET Scores: Things to Know

In a nutshell, when it comes to target scores, it is necessary for the candidates of CSET to know how to attain the passing scores at first; thereafter, they can set up realistic targets according to their strengths and weaknesses on the subjects that are tested in this exam.

What is the significance of CSET passing score? How does it help the test takers?

  • The passing scores in CSET are determined by the performance of the candidates in the subtests.

  • In order to obtain CSET passing score, a candidate must take all the subtests of a particular subject in a single session and not separately, thereby enabling the authorities to calculate the appropriate scores of the test takers.

  • While the passing score of CSET is mentioned in the score report, it also includes whether the candidates have failed to attain the same. Under such circumstances, it is possible for the candidates to consider the option of retest by following the required procedures.

  • For the convenience of analysis, the reverse side of the score report also contains the details of the performances rendered by the candidates in the subtests so that it is easier for them to find out their strengths and weaknesses and make the necessary improvements for attaining CSET passing score.

A Concluding Tip

By obtaining CSET passing score, a candidate gets an opportunity to prove his/her proficiency, which is required for earning teaching credentials for would be teachers while delivering lessons to their students.

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