An Introduction to CSET NESINC

The California Subject Examination for Teachers is a test, which is taken by the potential teachers for obtaining teaching certificates or credentials by demonstrating their skills and abilities in those subjects that are tested in this examination. The exam has been initiated by CTC or California Commission for Teacher Credentialing or CTC in association with Evaluation Systems Group of Pearson, for test administration, and scoring of CSET.

The candidates taking this test need to attain the qualifying scores in the subjects for which they have taken the test in order to fulfill their aim of obtaining the certificates.

Subjects of the CSET

The following subjects are tested in this examination:

  • CSET Multiple Subjects: In this section, candidates have to appear for three subtests and the total time, which is allotted to the test takers for the completion of this section is 5 hours. There are multiple-choice questions as well as constructed response items here.

  • CSET Single Subjects:  There are 2-4 subtests in this section with both patterns of questions as stated above. The subjects to be tested are wide-ranging, depending on what you wish to teach and specialize in.

  • CSET Writing Skills: There are two separate domains for this section. However, not all candidates need to appear for this section. Test takers should visit this link for more information: http://www.cset.nesinc.com/CS18_certrequirements.asp.

  • CSET – LOTE (for bilingual authorization): In this section, test takers have to prove their skills in Languages Other Than English and earn teaching credentials in those languages.

  • CSET Preliminary Educational Technology: For this section, candidates need to answer questions on topics that are based on their computer skills within an educational setting. The formats include multiple-choice and constructed response questions.

Requirements for Certification

The following points will give candidates a good idea about the requirements for this kind of certification:

  • The candidates must establish their knowledge of basic skills by taking the test of Writing Skills and all the subtests of Multiple Subjects and attain passing scores in them.

  • Test takers must prove their competence in the subject matter by taking all the sections of Multiple Subjects and attain passing scores in them.

  • The No Child Left Behind requirement can be fulfilled by the candidates either by taking CSET Multiple Subjects and Single Subject according to the credential that is required to be earned.

  • The test takers may appear for CSET LOTE along with other relevant tests for exhibiting their knowledge in Languages Other Than English.

Formats of CSET

Candidates who are keen to appear for this test should know that this examination is taken in two different formats:

  • Computer-Based Testing: This format is applicable for Mathematics, Multiple Subjects and Writing Skills.

  • Paper-Based Testing: The remaining sections of CSET belong to this category of testing.

There are separate methods of registering for the Computer-Based and Paper-Based testing. Proper registration procedures have to be followed by the test takers in order to appear for the test of their choice and earn the credentials that correspond with their abilities.