Know the Multiple Subjects Test of CSET

What does CSET: Multiple Subjects Test?

The CSET is a test used for identifying candidates who have the knowledge and skills to become good teachers. There are five categories of the exam andthe Multiple Subjects is one of them. In this article, we shall see the details about this category of the CSET.

Subtests in the CSET: Multiple Subjects

There are three subtests here and each is composed of more than one domain:

  1. Subtest I comprises of two domains: Reading, Language and Literature and History and Social Science

  2. Subtest II also comprises of two domains: Science and Mathematics

  3. Subtest III comprises of three domains: Physical Education, Human Development and Visual and Performing Arts

Question Types

Both multiple-choice and constructed-response type questions are administered in this examination. In case of the first two subtests, each domain is composed of 26 multiple-choice questions and 2 constructed-response questions. On the other hand, each domain of the subtest III has 13 multiple-choice questions and 1 constructed-response question.


The CSET is offered in two formats- the computer-based format and the paper-based  format.  The Multiple Subjects test is available only in the computer-based format.

Test Dates

Test dates for this exam are available all through the year except Sundays, public holidays and November 25th to December 1st. Registration for the same is based on first-come, first-served basis and therefore, it is best to register early for the test.

Registration and Test Fees

The subtests of the Multiple Subjects can be taken separately or together. If you opt to take them separately, the registration fee for each subtest is $99 and if you plan to take them together, you have to pay only $247.

Telephone registration and online registration are the two options available for registering for the test. You can pay the registration fee either by Credit, Debit or Check card. However, cards with only Visa or MasterCard logo will be accepted.

Scoring of the Test

The multiple-choice questions are electronically scored and the score is based on the number of correct answers. There is no negative marking for wrong answers. For the constructed-response questions, qualified California educators score the answers based on three aspects: purpose, knowledge exhibited and the quality of the supporting evidence displayed in the response. The scores range from 3 to 1, 3 being the best. Below 1, the responses are graded as 'U' for unscorable responses and 'B' for blank responses.

The above-mentioned scores are termed as raw scores and the scaled score is obtained by multiplying the individual raw score with the pre-assigned weight. The scaled score  ranges from 100 to 300 and a score of 220 is required for passing the subtest.

You can pass the subtests one by one and once you have passed a subtest, you do not need to appear for it again. The test scores are released six weeks after the test date.


The full test takes around five hours. The first two subtests are for 1.5 hours each and the subtest III is for 2.25 hours.


If you pass this test, you can teach various subjects at the elementary school level in California.


Proper preparation for the examination is essential. Many books and study materials are available in conventional book stores. Moreover, practice tests and other prep materials are available online free of cost. To study for the test, you can opt for self-study, group-study or you can join a professional class. Irrespective of the method of preparation that you follow, you need to be sincere and thorough.

To Conclude...

Multiple Subjects exam is a tough test but with a good understanding of what is required from you and a thorough preparation, you can easily pass the test and become a teacher in California.