CSET Multiple Subject

5 Things you Must Know about CSET Multiple Subject

The CSET or The California Subject Examinations for Teachers is a test that prepares the potential teachers for earning credentials of teaching after fulfilling the requirements of this exam. There are various subjects in which the candidates can decide to take the test for which they need to earn the certifications that are offered to them after attaining the required scores.

The CSET Multiple Subject is one of the five categories of the tests that are taken by the candidates for meeting the following requirements of certification:

  • Basic Skill Requirement
  • Subject matter Competence Requirement
  • No Child Left Behind Subject Matter Requirement or NCLB

The CSET Multiple Subject has been designed and developed by CTC or California Commission on Teacher Credentialing in association with Evaluation Systems group of Pearson for the entire administration until delivering the scores to the test takers.

What are the things that the test takers must know about CSET Multiple Subjects test? The following points present a summary of five most important things about CSET Multiple Subject:

  1. The CSET Multiple Subject consists of three subtests in which there are questions in multiple-choice format and those in which the test takers have to construct their own responses.

  2. As far as taking the subtests of CSET Multiple Subjects are concerned, the candidates will have the opportunity of taking them in a single session or separately.

  3. The CSET Multiple Subject only offers computer-based testing to the aspirants of CSET.

  4. The first subtest of Multiple Subjects test in CSET is of 3 hours and the topics include Reading, History, Language and Literature along with Social Science. Similarly, the second subtest, which includes Science and Mathematics, consists of questions in which the candidates have to illustrate handwritten answers and also through drawing. The duration of this subtest is 3 hours.

  5. In the third and final subtest of CSET Multiple Subject, which is of 2.25 hours includes questions on Human Development, Visual and performing Arts and Physical Education.

While the above-mentioned points include a short synopsis of the Multiple Subjects test in CSET, the test takers must also familiarize themselves with the content requirements of this section of CSET. What are the topics that are included in the Multiple Subjects test? The following points will allow the candidates to enhance their knowledge of the same:

  • The first domain of CSET Multiple Subjects that measures the proficiency of the candidates in Reading, Language and Literature consists of Language and Linguistics followed by Non Written and Written Communication, and Texts.

  • In the second domain, which consists of History and Social Science, the contents include World History, History of United States and History of California.

  • The third domain of CSET Multiple Subject that includes Mathematics, the topics are Number Sense, Algebra and Functions, Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability along with Measurement and Geometry.

  • The fourth domain of Multiple Subjects in CSET includes Science and the contents are Life Science, Earth and Space Science and Physical Science.

  • In the next domain consisting of Visual and Performing Arts, the topics include Dance, Theater, Music and Visual Art.

  • In this domain of CSET Multiple Subjects test that includes Physical Education, the topics consist of Movement Skills and Movement Knowledge, Self Image and Personal development and Social Development.

  • In the last or final domain of CSET Multiple Subjects, which is called Human Development, the topics are Cognitive Development from Birth Through Adolescence, Social and Physical Development Through Adolescence and Influences of Development from Birth Through Adolescence.

he CSET Multiple Subject test consists of a variety of subjects and the candidates must remember the important aspects of the test before attempting the questions in this section. Furthermore, they must also familiarize themselves with the contents of this section of CSET in order to achieve their target scores.

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