CSET Math Prep

5 Things to Remember for CSET Math Prep

The California Subject Examination for Teachers or CSET is a test that allows the upcoming teachers to meet the requirements for obtaining the certificates of teaching. There are specific parameters or criteria against which the performances of the students are evaluated instead of comparing the scores of a candidate with a fellow test taker’s.

As far as CSET is concerned, the aspiring candidates will have the opportunity of taking this test in a variety of subjects that are being administered through five different categories or divisions. The divisions of CSET test can be noted from the following points:

  • CSET-Single Subjects
  • CSET-Multiple Subjects
  • CSET-Writing Skills
  • CSET-Preliminary Educational Technology
  • CSET-LOTE (for Bilingual Authorization)

The CSET test for Mathematics is available in Computer-Based Testing and the candidates have to register for taking each subtest in a single test administration. There are different groups of tests in Mathematics and those intending to attempt the test of this subject must gear up for CSET Math prep in order to achieve the desired targets. What are the things that the test takers must always remember when it comes to CSET Math prep? Let us analyze five of these aspects in the following points:

  1. Before thinking about preparation for CSET Mathematics, the candidates must analyze their strengths and weaknesses in this subject or the topics on which the subtests are conducted. This is an important step as it directs the participants of the test to select the correct mode of preparation.

  2. The test takers can either choose the preparation courses that are available for CSET Math prep or study from books. Ideally, a combination of both is an excellent way to make the most of the prep resources. In either one, the point of focus should be on practice and mock tests.

  3. The candidates of CSET must familiarize themselves with the subtests or the contents of Math test in detail so that they can refer to different study materials while preparing for this test.

  4. It is necessary to check whether the study materials meant for CSET Math prep are authentic on which the test takers can rely; discussing the matter with the test takers of previous years is a good option.

  5. The candidates taking this test must understand that while taking the mathematics exam for CSET, they should have the ability to answer multiple-choice questions and those in which they are required to construct their own responses, which is an important aspect of CSET Math prep.

What are the subtests of Mathematics that are to be answered by the test takers? How many subtests are there in this subject? Let us find out from the following points:

  • In Foundational-level Mathematics, there are two subtests in which the test takers may have to put their responses through handwriting and scan them and the instructions for the same shall be delivered at the time of testing.

  • While the first subtest includes the topics Number Theory and Algebra, the second subtest consists of Probability and Statistics and Geometry. Thus, the CSET Math prep should focus on these topics.

  • The same rules apply for Mathematics, in which there are three subtests. In the first subtest, the domains are Number Theory and Algebra, the topic for the second subtest the topics are Geometry along with Probability and Statistics. For the third subtest, the candidates have to answer questions that are based on History of Mathematics and Calculus.

  • Acquiring information on the subtests of Mathematics is significant for choosing appropriate means of CSET Math prep and attempting all the questions present in the same.

On the whole, the participants of Mathematics test in CSET are encouraged to focus on CSET Math prep so that they can take sufficient practice tests in order to feel confident for taking the challenges on the day of the actual exam.

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