Top 5 Sources of CSET Preparation Help

The first step one has to take after deciding to take up the CSET is to identify the various sources of CSET help. Without proper guidance, any test preparation would not be complete. Here, the top 5 sources of CSET help are listed.

CSET Preparation Help

  1. The official website - http://www.cset.nesinc.com/

    The official website of the CSET is the best CSET help. All the information provided in this site is authentic and any change in the test format, test fee or any other such data will be updated immediately. This should be the first source of information you look up.

  2. CSET Test Prep - http://csettestprep.com/

    This website gives the details regarding the details of the exam, test preparation, preparatory courses, practice tests, study guides and reviews of the subjects in various sections. The information provided in this CSET help source is comprehensive and proves to be useful.

  3. Pearson VUE - http://www.pearsonvue.com/cset/

    The important information required for registering and the details about the test are provided in this website and the information provided in this is also useful.

  4. A to Z Teacher Stuff - http://forums.atozteacherstuff.com/tags.php?tag=cset

    This forum proves to be very helpful when you are preparing for the test. The first hand experiences of other candidates who have passed the test are posted here as threads and discussions and you can learn from them.

  5. Greekchat.com - http://www.greekchat.com/gcforums/showthread.php?t=66164

    Threads regarding the CSET test are available in this forum and you can benefit immensely by reading the queries and answers posted in it.

What Information Should You Collect?

Different types of information will be provided in the various CSET help sources and therefore, the kind of information you should look for is important.

  • Information about the test -You should collect as much information about the test as possible. This will help you in preparing for the test comprehensively. All this information will be available in the official website.

  • Books and Other Study Materials - Books are essential when you are preparing for the CSET and there are many books available. You must read the reviews of the various books in forums to identify the book that suits best for you.

  • Professional Classes - If you decide to attend classes for preparing for the test, you must collect information on the different classes that are available. This type of information will also be available in forums.

Preparation for the Test

As mentioned earlier, preparation is essential to attain passing scores in the CSET test. The following steps will help you in preparing for the test:

  1. Learn about the test - The most important part about CSET test preparation is to collect and learn as much information about the test as possible. For this, you must identify the correct sites that provide authentic information about the test.

  2. Identify the method of preparation - There are different methods by which you can prepare for the CSET test like self-study, group-study and attending a professional class. Try to identify the method you want to follow and start preparing for the test at the earliest. By doing this, you will get enough time to prepare for the test.

  3. Identify the books or other study materials required for your preparation - Try to identify the book or study materials that will suit your needs and procure them. A book will always help you prepare well for a test.

  4. Stress relievers - When your mind is calm and composed, you can learn better and therefore, one of the most useful aspects of test preparation is to keep your mind stress-free. You can do this by practicing meditation and other such stress relieving exercises.


The above-mentioned points will help you prepare for the test in a comprehensive manner. Try to use the CSET help materials and prepare for the test to the best of your ability. Also, follow the steps for preparation and attain the scores required for passing the CSET test.

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