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3 Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting CSET Classes

Preparation is essential for the CSET exam. There are many methods you could follow for it like self-study, group-study or attending CSET classes. However, registering for CSET classes makes preparation easy for you. There are many advantages in taking up a class and the important ones are:

  1. Subjects are taught by experts and all study materials will be provided,

  2. Exam strategies and tips will be discussed in class,

  3. Preparatory tests and reviews will be conducted.

How to Select a CSET Class?

There are many CSET classes available today and one must take the utmost care in choosing the appropriate one. When you want to select a CSET class for your test preparation, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who is teaching the course?
  2. Are exam strategies and tips being discussed in class?
  3. Are tests conducted?

Who is teaching the course?

This is the most important question because the quality of the course fully depends on the quality of the teachers. Try to check if the teachers conducting the CSET classes have experience in teaching for the CSET exams. Many times, highly qualified persons may have the knowledge required for teaching but may lack in teaching abilities and therefore, check if the tutors are good teachers. The next important aspect is whether good study materials are provided. Most companies offer comprehensive study materials which mean that you need not spend time on searching for other materials.

Are exam strategies and tips being discussed in class?

Many students will be good at a subject but they may be slow. Since this is a time bound exam, you have to learn certain tips and strategies to solve problems faster. Hence, find out if the tutors offer such tips during class hours. Apart from these, many CSET classes offer tips to reduce stress and these prove to be very useful during the time of exam.

Are tests conducted?

Tests play a crucial part in the CSET preparation because they help you identify your mistakes and the time you take to complete the test. When you attempt more tests your speed increases and therefore, try to collect information on the number of preparatory tests that the class provides. However, conducting tests alone is not enough, the tests have to be reviewed and feedback has to be given to each of the students.

CSET Test Preparatory Classes

Here are the reviews of some of the good CSET classes:

  1. National University CSET Prep Course- http://www.nu.edu/OurPrograms/ExtendedLearning/Education/Programs/CSET.html

    The National University offers courses for CSET preparation. This is a one month course which provides a comprehensive coaching for the full syllabus for a CSET test. Subject experts with very good credentials teach these CSET classes. These courses are available for CSET: Multiple Subjects, CSET: Science, Social Science, English and Math. These are online courses that begin one month prior to a test date and the duration of the course is four weeks. However, if 20 or more students register, the classes can be conducted in-person at a University campus or any other convenient place. For the CSET: Multiple Subject, English, Science tests, the course fee is $355. For Math, each subtest course costs $195. Also, additional study materials have to be bought for the Math test.

  2. Teachers Test Prep - http://www.teacherstestprep.com/cset-prep-classes

    This preparatory class offers courses for CSET: Multiple Subjects and CSET: Single Subjects- Math, Science, Social Science and English. These CSET classes are generally held on weekends or in the evenings and subject matter experts teach the full syllabus and also provide tips required for passing the test. The main advantage of this course is that, even if you fail, you can retake their course free of cost. The fee for the course varies depending on the subjects you choose.

  3. VCOE Test Exam Preparation- http://www.vcoe.org/tss/CertificationDevelopmentServices/TeacherExamPreparation/CSETMultipleSubjectHistorySocialScience.aspx

    The VCOE Teacher Support Services has been providing classes for various tests from 1986. For these CSET classes, only teachers with a minimum of three years' experience in teaching the particular content, teach the course. Since this is a public entity, the costs of the courses are affordable. Courses for CSET: Multiple Subject and CSET: Single Subject- English, Math, Physical Education, Science and Social Science are offered here.


From the various CSET classes available, you have to choose the one that will suit you the best. For identifying the appropriate one, you can try to answer the questions given in this article and make the right choice.

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