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Different Types of CSET Classes

Preparation is the key to your success in CSET. There are different methods that you can follow for the CSET test preparation like self-study, group-study or attending a CSET class. All these methods have both advantages and disadvantages. Here, we shall discuss about the CSET classes in detail.

Types of CSET Classes

There are basically two types of CSET classes:

Online CSET classes - An online CSET class is one where, all the classes, tests and review are conducted over the internet. These classes prove to be very useful if your daily schedule is not fixed. If you have a computer with an internet connection, you can attend these classes from anywhere.

In-person CSET classes - If you want to attend a class and learn from a tutor in-person, this is the best suited method for you. The main advantage is that there will be a personal touch to the classes and the tutors will adjust and teach according to the needs of the students.

Reviews of a Few CSET Classes

  1. Teachers Test Prep - http://www.teacherstestprep.com/cset-test-prep

    This preparatory CSET class offers courses for the Multiple Subjects and Single Subjects category. The classes are held during the weekends or in the evenings. Therefore, working professionals can also attend these classes. The full syllabus is covered and the different subjects are taught by subject matter experts. Tips and strategies to pass the test are provided during the classes. If you fail in the CSET after taking up this course, you can retake the course free of cost. The fees for the various subjects are different.

  2. CSET Tutoring Services - http://csettutoring.com/cset_online_class.html

    The tutors here first identify your problems and help you overcome them. The classes are based on what you need and what is needed from you in the CSET test. The class schedule is flexible and each student gets personalized attention. The prep class includes an assessment session, quizzes, progress report, and homework assignments. Test taking tips and stress reducing strategies are also discussed in class. Both online tutoring and preparatory classes are offered here. The cost of the different courses varies and can be found at http://csettutoring.com/Pricing.html

  3. VCOE Test Exam Preparation -http://www.vcoe.org/tss/CertificationDevelopmentServices/TeacherExamPreparation/CSETMultipleSubjectHistorySocialScience.aspx

    The VCOE Teacher Support Services provides classes for various tests. Teachers with a minimum of 3 years experience are alone chosen to teach for the CSET classes they offer. This is a public entity and therefore, the costs of the courses are affordable. Courses for CSET: Multiple Subject and CSET: Single Subject- English, Math, Physical Education, Science and Social Science are offered here.

Other Points about CSET Classes

A CSET class is one where, a tutor teaches you the topics covered in the CSET test. The main advantages of this method are that,

  • Experts teach the subjects - The subjects will be taught by experts who have a vast experience in teaching them.

  • All study materials will be provided - The various materials required for the test preparation will be compiled and provided to you and therefore, you need not waste time in searching for study materials.

  • Tips and strategies will be provided - Since the tutors have been teaching for a long time, good tips and strategies to answer the questions as well as to overcome stress will be provided in the class.

  • Practice tests and their reviews will be conducted - All classes will conduct practice tests and the review of the test will be done personally and therefore, you can learn from your mistakes.

There are a few points that you must consider before choosing a CSET class. These points are:

  • Check the tutor's experience - A tutor is the person who will be teaching you and his/her credentials are very important. Try to learn about his/her credentials and credibility.

  • Check the cost of the course - Some of the CSET classes charge exorbitant fees. Try to compare and see if the classes are worth the money you are spending.


Attending a CSET class is the best option for those of you who need constant motivation and for those who require teaching lessons. These classes prove to be very useful and many students have benefitted from these. Try to learn about the various classes and decide the one that is best suited for you based on the schedule of the classes, cost of the course and the credentials of the tutor.

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