How are CSET and CBEST Different?

While CSET refers to The California Subject Examination for Teachers, CBEST is The California Basic Educational Skills Test. However, both CSET CBEST are associated with the profession of educators.

Differences Between CSET and CBEST

How is CSET CBEST different from each other? Let us analyze the same in the following points:

  • The CSET intends to test the skills and abilities of potential teachers or educators for obtaining credential or certification for teaching their students whereas CBEST is meant to test the basic abilities of the candidates in Reading, Writing and Mathematics that are considered important for execution of the job of a teacher.

  • While the CSET evaluates the level of competence of the test takers for delivering their lessons to their students, the CBEST does not measure the skills of teaching possessed by the test takers.

  • In CSET, the candidates have an opportunity to take the test in various subjects in order to earn the teaching credential related to the same. On the other hand, scope of CBEST is limited as there are only three sections of the test.

  • The CSET evaluates the advanced-level knowledge of the candidates whereas the CBEST deals with the assessment of primary skills of the test takers.

  • Those candidates with the potential of becoming teachers or educators who are able to obtain passing scores in all the three subtests of Multiple Subjects and the Writing Skills Test need not take CBEST any longer. This is because these sections of CSET also measure the basic proficiencies of the candidates in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

  • As far as CSET CBEST is concerned, there are differences that exist in the sections of the test. For instance, CSET has the following divisions:

    1. CSET : Multiple Subjects
    2. CSET: Single Subjects
    3. CSET: Preliminary Educational Technology
    4. CSET: LOTE
    5. CSET : Writing Skills
  • The sections of CSET include the following three sections:

    1. Reading
    2. Mathematics
    3. Writing
  • The format of questions in CSET include constructed-response and multiple-choice types whereas in CBSET there are only multiple-choice questions.

The Test Formats of CSET and CBEST

Those who want to compare CSET CBEST must note that there are differences that do exist in the format of these exams although the essence is related to the profession of educators. Thus, when it comes to the comparison of CSET CBEST test formats, the following points must be noted by the readers:

  • The sections of Multiple Subjects, Mathematics and Writing Skills in CSET follow the Computer-Based format.

  • The remaining test sections are conducted in a Paper-Based format.

  • In CBEST, all the three sections of the test are conducted on paper. On the other hand, the Computer-based tests are available by making appointments throughout the year from Monday to Saturday except for some noted public holidays.

The Scoring Pattern of CSET and CBEST

Similarly, the differences can also be noted in the scoring pattern of CSET CBEST. In CSET, the score report indicates whether the test takers have obtained passing scores or not and the total scores of the subtests. The passing status of the candidates is based on their performance in the subtests in CSET. As far as calculation of scores is concerned, the scaled score is the sum of the raw score points earned by the candidates on each section of the test. Furthermore, the raw scores are transformed into scaled scores of 100 to 300. The minimum passing score of CSET is 220.

Similarly, in CBEST, the score report includes the performance of the candidates in this exam with an emphasis on each of the areas of skills on which questions are based. Besides this, the score report of CBEST reflects whether a candidate has attained passing scores or not. Thus, each section of this test is measured on a scale of 20 to 80 and the total score is the summation of the individual scaled scores obtained in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. A scaled score of 123 is required for passing CBEST.

CSET is taken by the candidates for fulfilling the requirements of obtaining teaching credentials. At the same time, CBEST is compulsory for the candidates as they need to prove their knowledge of basic skills while applying for teaching credential or services credential.

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