3 Benefits of Studying from A CSET Book

Preparation is essential for passing the CSET test and a CSET book is the backbone of the test preparation. There are many good CSET books available today and here, we shall first see the benefits of using a CSET book and in the later part of the article; a few books are reviewed for your perusal.

Advantages or Benefits of using a CSET Book

There are many advantages of studying from a CSET book. However, the following three are the most important benefits:

  1. Topics Covered - In a CSET book all the test topics are covered. Moreover, the topics are explained in detail and many example problems are also given.

  2. Practice Tests - Practice is very important when you prepare for the CSET. At least 2 practice tests are provided in a good CSET book. These practice tests help you in understanding the time that you require to complete a test. As you practice more, you will be able to answer the questions faster and thereby complete the paper within the allotted time. Based on the results of the test, you can devote more time to the topics for which you have not performed up to the expected level.

  3. Study Tips - A CSET book also provides certain study tips which will help you in solving the problems using simpler methods. In addition to these, tips to reduce your stress are also given. These tips prove to be very useful during the examination.

Review of a Few CSET Books

There are five categories in the CSET and different books are available for the different categories. Here, we shall review few books that deal with the different categories of the test.

  1. Barron's CSET: California Subject Matter Exams for Teachers: Multiple Subjects- Dr. Robert D. Postman

    All the important features that a good CSET book must contain are present in this book. All the topics of the test are covered in detail in this book. Moreover, there are 300 practice and review problems along with two practice tests. Detailed answer explanations for all the problems are also given in this book. Tips and strategies for studying better are also provided here. A paperback copy of this book is available at $13.40.

  2. CSET: Multiple Subjects-Cliffs Test Prep; J erry Bobrow Ph.D. & Stephen Fisher

    This CSET book offers reviews of all the subjects in the Multiple Subjects category. Practice tests with full explanations for the answers and tips for approaching the different questions are also provided. The format and the scoring pattern are also explained in this book and it costs $15.

    The book is divided into three parts namely;

    1. Part-I- Analysis of Exam Areas
    2. Part-II- Review of Exam Areas
    3. Part-III- Two Full-length Practice Exams
  3. Cracking the CSET -Princeton Review

    The material in this CSET book is thorough and provides useful information about all the subject areas covered in the three subtests of CSET: Multiple Subjects and CSET: Writing Skills. The book also provides tips to eliminate wrong answers in the multiple-choice question type. Practice tests with full explanations for the answers are also provided. The cost of this book is $17.09.

  4. Kaplan CSET: California Subject Examinations for Teachers - C. Roebuck Reed, Lee Wherry Brainerd, Rodney Lee

    This CSET book provides a detailed review of all the subject areas and contains one practice test. Answers to the test questions are provided along with the explanations. Useful tips and test-taking strategies are also provided.

To Conclude...

A CSET book is a must when you are preparing for the test. Apart from the three benefits listed above, other advantages in using a book are that, you can carry it anywhere and prepare from anyplace and using a book for preparing is a convenient method of preparation. It is best that you decide on a good book and use it to prepare for the test. However, you can also use other study materials to support your preparation.

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