Importance of CSET in California

The CSET or the California Subject Examination for Teachers is a mandatory test that you have to take to become a teacher in California. This article gives the importance of Ca CSET and the important features of the test.

Utility or Importance of CSET

Basically, the test is conducted to check if the examinees possess the ability to become teachers. Specifically, the Ca CSET is conducted for the following reasons:

  1. Subject Knowledge - A teacher must possess a good knowledge of the subjects they teach and Ca CSET tests if the candidates possess the knowledge and skills to become teachers in California.

  2. Teaching Skills - A person may possess in-depth knowledge in a subject but may not be able to teach it to another person. Teaching abilities are foremost to a good teacher and this test identifies if the candidates possess this skill.

  3. NCLB Requirement - Any public school that receives federal funds must check if all the students get the same type of education and this is termed the No Child Left Behind regulation. The NCLB regulation requires teachers to pass a specific examination.

  4. Knowledge on Educational Technology - In today's world, computers and information technology play a vital role in the teaching field and therefore, a good teacher must possess knowledge of computers. This aspect is tested in the CSET.

  5. Ability to teach English to non-English Speakers - Teachers must be able to communicate and teach English to non-English speakers as well. This ability is tested in Ca CSET.

Points to Remember About CSET

  • Ca CSET has been developed, administered and scored by Pearson Education.

  • The CSET test is conducted for five different categories:

    • CSET: Multiple Subjects - Authorizes the holder to teach in elementary school
    • CSET: Single Subject - Authorizes the holder to teach that particular subject at middle and secondary school
    • CSET: Writing Skills -Tests the basic skills required for a teacher
    • CSET: Preliminary Education Technology - Knowledge and ability to handle computers for an educational institution is tested
    • CSER: LOTE - Required for bilingual authorization
  • Each category of the test has subtests which are again composed of domains. The subtests can be taken on the same day or on different test days

  • The CSET is available in two formats- computer-based testing format and paper-based testing format. CSET: Multiple Subjects, Writing Skills and Mathematics are tested in the former format and CSET: Single Subject, LOTE and Primary Education Technology are tested in the latter format. The computer-based testing format is available on all working days whereas the paper-based test is available only on a stipulated date in the months of September, November, January, March, May and July.

  • Both multiple-choice questions and constructed-response type questions are administered in the Ca CSET.

  • The time duration for each subtest is different. A single session of the CSET test is for five hours and different subtests or subjects can be taken up in that time.

  • Test fee for each category is different.

  • You can register for Ca CSET in two ways- online registration and phone-in registration. Online registration is available on all days and during the regular, late and emergency period. On the other hand, phone-in registration is available only on working days from 9.00am to 5.00pm and only during late and emergency period.

  • Registration fee can be paid by credit, debit or check card that contain the MasterCard or Visa logo on them.

  • Each subtest is assigned a weight and this is multiplied with the raw score obtained based on the number of correct answers, to arrive at the scaled score. The scaled score is in the range of 100 to 300 and the score you have to obtain to pass the test is 220.

  • Preparation is a must if you want to obtain passing scores in the test.

  • There are many good study materials that are available in today's market. Moreover, free study materials and free practice testes are also available online that can be used for a thorough preparation.

To Conclude...

The Ca CSET is your passport to a career in the teaching field and therefore, this is one of the most important tests in your life if your aim is to become a teacher.

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