Choose A Suitable CPAT Training Course

How to Choose the Best Coaching Class for Yourself?

The professional line of firefighting is a career line where a lot of physical strength is required. Candidates applying to get certified as a firefighter need to pass the Candidate Physical Ability Test or the CPAT first, which is a standardized physical ability test designed by certain American states for new firefighters according to the guidelines mentioned by State Law in order to shortlist candidates who are physically fit and have the potential to take up the responsibilities assigned to firefighters. This test is quite competitive; hence, it is suggested to seek professional guidance, which would enable you to prepare for this test effectively.

About the CPAT Exam:

This test was created by the joint association of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC). The testing pattern includes eight continuous events set on a predetermined path which are assessed by professionals. The results are declared as pass or fail to the candidates on the completion of the test. The overall time duration for this test is 10 minutes and 20 seconds. Hence, preparation for the test involves a lot of practice and requires the candidate to be physically fit.

Preparation Classes for CPAT:

There are certain preparation courses where specialized professionals help aspiring candidates in gearing up for the test. Through these courses, candidates are given coaching for physical fitness and are trained rigorously for the eight events of the exam.

The overall test involves eight continuous events which are Stair Climbing, Hose Drag, Equipment Carry, Ladder Raise and Extension, Forcible Entry, Search, Rescue, Ceiling Breach and Pull. Coaching classes help candidates to prepare for the actual test by providing required props and firefighting gear. Some of the most prominent institutes which provide guidance are mentioned below:

  1. Kettlebell Fitness CPAT Program:

    The High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness and Cross Performance Training provide programs specially designed on the test pattern, which involves candidates to undergo endurance training that is supervised by professional trainers who are certified by the Fire Department of New York. Aspiring candidates can go to and visit their site in order to gain more information about the courses they offer.

  2. Fast Fire Fitness:

    This academy is known to provide training for aspiring candidates and employees of the fire department and police academy task forces. There are certain courses available with Fast Fire Fitness that are exclusively designed for candidates who are undertaking this exam. The preparation course involves seven exclusive classes for understanding and training for the various events. Moreover, candidates can visit and gain more information on the prep courses offered by this training institute.

  3. EOC Tech:

    The Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center provides coaching to aspiring candidates through special preparation classes conducted by their team of professionals. Apart from this, candidates are given a complete study guide for the test. The course also offers counseling on nutrition, physical training and classes on orientation along with preparation on test events. Candidates can visit to gain more information on the course schedule and program contents.

Points to Consider While Selecting a Course for CPAT Training:

  • User Reviews: In order to select the best course available while preparing for CPAT, it is important for candidates to go through the reviews given by fellow candidates or employees of the fire-department.

  • Coaching Method: It is suggested that candidates should contact the institutes offering such courses in order to gain firsthand information on their coaching methodology and the study aids provided during training.

  • Medical Test: It is important for you to understand that preparing for the test involves heavy physical endurance trainings. Hence, candidates should get a medical test done beforehand to ensure they are capable to withstand the physical pressure while preparing for this test.

It should be known that the journey to becoming a certified firefighter starts with passing the CPAT test. Once a candidate clears this test, he or she has to undergo a written test and an oral interview in order to be successfully certified as a firefighter who would be eligible to work with any particular State Fire Department. Hence, proper guidance and training is extremely important; thus, it is suggested that candidates utilize every training resource available in order to be fit and well prepared to pass the test with flying colors.

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