Testing Locations for Taking the CPAT

5 Things you should know about CPAT Testing Centers

If firefighting and saving lives of people is your passion, then you must go in for the CPAT firefighter test. The CPAT, which stands for Candidate Physical Ability Test is actually composed of eight tasks or events that have to be completed in a total time of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. Each of these eight tasks is physically demanding in nature. You need to perform all these tasks while wearing a vest that weighs 50 pounds along with some extra gear that will vary from event to event. The tasks include stair climbing, hose dragging and removing blockages etc. This article will give you important information regarding the five points you must know about the testing locations. For extra information, you may visit the official website at http://www.candidatephysicalabilitytest.com/.

5 Important Things about the Testing Locations

Following are the five essential points you need to consider regarding the testing locations:

  1. Registration, Fee and Payment Details

    If you are located in California, then you can register online by going to the link
    https://www.cffjac.org/go/jac/cpat/registration/?display=login&returnURL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ecffjac%2Eorg%2Fgo%2Fjac%2Fcpat%2Fregistration%2F. You need to enter your username and log in password to register for a specific date. In case, you haven’t made an account, you can sign up for an account at the same link.

    You may even register for the CPAT  by filling up a registration form available at http://www.cffjac.org/go/jac/?LinkServID=7ED14A0F-1CC4-C201-3E4E177265F8ABEB&showMeta=0. 150$ is the fee charged for the actual test along with two orientations (it is advisable that these two orientations be taken within a period of eight weeks from the date of the test). The fee has to be paid through MasterCard or Visa at the time of scheduling the test.

  2. Test Center Locations

    There are many testing locations throughout the USA; however, there are a few states that do not have any testing center. In such a case, candidates may have to travel to another state. You can visit the link http://www.candidatephysicalabilitytest.com/find-a-cpat-testing-location/ to get more details regarding this aspect of the test. After coming to the main page, you need to select the state in which you want to locate the test center. After selecting the state, you will be able to see the centers available for that particular state.

  3. What to Wear and Bring to the Testing Locations?

    There are some rules and specifications you need to follow while coming to the testing locations:

    • You must not wear short pants or shorts. Wearing long pants is a necessity.
    • You must not wear any restrictive or loose jewelry while taking the test.
    • The shoes you wear must be closed from all sides and should not have high heels.
  4. Layout of the Test Centers

    Some of the test centers are located indoors, while in some others, you may have to take the test in open surroundings, outdoors. Each center has a layout, which is designed in such a way, that the eight tasks can be carried on without any interruption one after the other. Most of the centers can be located easily on the internet. The driving directions to each of these centers are also available on maps.

  5. Other Services available at the Testing Locations

    Besides that actual CPAT, the test centers also conduct orientation and practice sessions for the firefighter test. You can even make use of the materials and equipment that will be part of the real test by renting those for practice purposes. You need to make prior appointment to avail these services.

Hence, it can be concluded that places where the test is conducted are fully-equipped and specially designed to cater to the needs of candidates. Each center has the proper and adequate infrastructural facilities to conduct the test. Additionally, the test is proctored at all locations by specially trained guides. Consequently, if you are planning to take up the orientation or the actual test at any of the centers, you will not face any problem.