Books for CPAT Test

The Best Way to Study from a CPAT Book

A book is a resource for the CPAT candidates to prepare for the test, which is an entrance examination for firefighting aspirants in the USA. Selecting a good book is of high importance, as many students use these books as primary resources for their preparation.

Review of Popular Review Books

Discussed below are some popular books, to help the CPAT candidates in choosing the best amongst them:

  1. Official CPAT Orientation Guide ( This guide book is a comprehensive resource on the CPAT and its subtests. It is recommended as a primary book for all aspirants, as being authored by the CPAT test administration authorities themselves, one cannot expect to find a more authentic source of information, other than this. This book clearly details out the norms of the examination and discusses each and every one of the eight events in detail. It not only describes these events and their purpose, but also discusses the mistakes that test takers normally make. It also discusses the test evaluation procedure. Hence, it is an invaluable and independent preparation resource.

  2. Firefighter Training Headquarters CPAT Preparation Guide ( The Firefighter Training Headquarters, which claims to be a hub for all Firefighting Training activities, prepares candidates for the CPAT. Its CPAT Preparation Guide is given to students during their training. This guide suggests useful test taking strategies, and also some useful practice exercises that can be performed without the usage of any gym equipments.

  3. CPAT Study Manuals of Government Firefighting Departments- Many government firefighting services offer training, and also publish exhaustive preparation manuals for this examination. One should browse the internet for information on these manuals and refer to them during their preparation, as being created by government bodies themselves, these manuals can be expected to be thoroughly authentic.

How to Derive Maximum Benefit from CPAT Books?

A test taker should try to derive the maximum benefit from a book in the following ways:

  1. The test taker should purchase review books written by CPAT certified professionals, or those with a proven track record of producing information that has helped firefighting aspirants in earning a certification.

  2. The test taker should purchase a book that is focused only on CPAT. Guide books that provide learning content for a variety of examinations will not provide in-depth information that is customized for CPAT. Consequently, a candidate may waste time in learning exercises that are not specifically applicable to the testing scenario.

  3. The test taker should read the book thoroughly and understand the information given in it completely. He/she should follow his/her book in a methodical manner and not select portions to read, at random, as one may miss out on important information or spend more time on less important sections of the book.

  4. As CPAT requires one to perform CPAT-specific physical exercises, a test taker should practice the exercises as prescribed in the book, and not ignore any instructions given in it. The instructions are given there with important aims, and ignoring them will only result in bad preparation-the bad outcome of which will be known only during taking the test! Therefore, in order to avoid such major faults, the candidates should follow their books, religiously.

  5. Candidates should set goals for covering the book completely, within a target period of time. Setting realistic daily goals and meeting them at the end of the day will help in achieving this.

  6. The test takers should take the help of experts if they do not understand the content of a book, but not omit reading that content, as the CPAT does not have any optional activities. Every activity is mandatory, and if the activity that a candidate has to perform has been discussed about in the omitted section, he/she will not be prepared for that event, which will eventually lead to his/her failure in the CPAT.


A book helps a candidate in preparing for the CPAT efficiently, in a short duration of time, as the candidate will be using only tried and tested preparation strategies for this examination, and not waste time on experimenting with new methods of preparation, which run the risk of not yielding the desired results. Hence, a candidate should select a good book and derive maximum benefit from it, in order to perform well in the test.