CPAt Test Preparation

CPAt test serves the needs of many students. It makes vocational schools approachable and also helps in granting aids to students. Those who have received a high school degree from a foreign country that is not recognized by the US are provided an opportunity to prove their capabilities through the CPAt. To let this opportunity go waste with a low-key performance is therefore only the students’ loss.

CPAt requires a student to exhibit unmatched qualities. It is most useful if the student scores high. This is however, impossible without preparation. The stronger the preparation, the better are your chances of success. Hence, every possible care should be taken to make the most of the preparatory time before the test.

Setting Aims for the Test Preparation

While preparing, it is essential to have your aims formed clearly so that you remain motivated. Aims for any test are formed after an introspection of the desired score.

  • Why is it essential to set an aim for the test prep?

By selecting an aim for preparation, one forms a target that one desires to reach through persistent efforts. The target defines the standard that one must achieve, and hence it acts as a motivation to work towards achieving it. Setting an aim for the preparation makes it purposeful and one is inspired to continue working hard towards the goal.

What should the aim of the test preparation be?

Although ACT has determined minimum passing score for, it only determines the eligibility of a student to get enrolled into a career college. However, all eligible students are not able to get admission into a college unless they have an exceptionally high score in CPAt. It is only if the score is high enough that colleges take notice of it. Hence, for a fruitful result, it is essential to score well in it by aiming high, and not aiming at just passing the tests.

In order to set aims for yourself, you must think about how scoring well will help you. A thought should also be given to the level of competition that one is about to face in the tests. With increasing competition it becomes more important to score well and equally important to make a resolve for preparation.

Work out a Plan

It is essential to work out a plan from all directions for CPAt. You need to take care of a number of aspects while preparing. Let us discuss these aspects.

Time Required

Preparation for CPAt is not an overnight job. It needs to be done progressively in a longer span of time since the complete test content needs to be covered in it. Hence, one needs to learn lessons for each of the tests and practice the skills learnt through practice tests. Moreover, it is essential to plan for the time required for preparation in order to avoid studying endlessly during the last days of preparation.

Generally, the time required for preparation is about 6 to 8 weeks. However, since all students have different capabilities and preparation levels, the time required can vary accordingly. Slow learners may need more time than the general time taken. On the other hand, students who have certain strengths may not need to prepare all the content areas, and hence may need lesser time than usual.

Test Content

There are three skills tested in CPAt. These are reading, language usage and numerical skills. ACT provides clear information about the syllabus from which the test content is taken. The students should make it a point to cover all the topics and prepare effectively so that they gain mastery over these topics.

It is required that students understand the test structure and test-taking strategies during preparation. This makes you well equipped and better prepared to face the test. The tips and strategies should be experimented with during preparation.

Crosschecking is essential for strong preparation. Hence, preparation should also include practice with the help of practice questions. A question bank can be used to practice each type of question in all the three tests. Full-length practice tests taken under simulated conditions help in conceiving the test. Each attempt at practicing the questions should be checked for accuracy. Going through the explanation of answer options given in answer keys has an added advantage of learning the things that you are not possibly aware of. Moreover, all these crosschecking methods help in fixing correct knowledge and getting rid of doubts and incorrect knowledge.

Preparation Techniques

There are several techniques that are possible for the test preparation. However, any technique might not be suitable for everyone. The quality of preparation depends upon how suitable the study technique has proved for the student. The following are the major categories of study techniques.

  1. Self study- Many students trust their own abilities for preparation. There is nothing like learning the lessons by making your own mind work towards it. In the end, those who have worked towards preparation by making efforts, from collecting study material, to going thought it thoroughly are the winners. Students who are capable of self study can resort to books, software and flashcards to help them.

  2. Assistance extended to students for self study - Many times students come across difficulties while studying for CPAt on their own. In such case they can take the help of experts for more clarification and understanding of the topic. There are online courses that provide the control of learning speed and process in the hands of students. Hence, self-study is possible along with expert guidance available online.

  3. External guidance – Those who are not confident about preparing by themselves for CPAt can depend upon reliable preparation sources like coaching classes, tutorials etc. This service is generally available locally in most areas.

Why should you avoid retests?

When you take the CPAt, you must keep in mind that you probably might not have a chance of taking the test again. ACT has established rules and conditions for retesting under which only if you have a valid reason you can take the test again. Hence, you will probably not be able to take the test to improve your score without proving that there has been a drastic improvement in your skills due to some developmental courses.

Preparing for Success: ‘A Student Guide to CPAt’

This is the official study guide that guides students about good study habits, test taking strategies and skills of time management. It provides a general idea of the test that helps students to understand it better. The guide is in the form of booklets that can be purchased in separate packages. There are 25 packages and these can be purchased by placing an order to the customer service of CPAt.


Once you have done your best it is time to receive and enjoy the results of your hard work. However, if you don’t make it in your first attempt, it is not time for you to enjoy. Instead, you might have to enroll for a developmental course for CPAt. That means you will be engaged in a more tiring and grueling experience unless you are able to score well. Surely, every student would want the CPAt to end pleasantly. All it requires is preparation of the utmost level in your first attempt, and let the rest of it fall into its place.