Preparing for CPAT

Prepare for the CPAT in 5 Easy Steps.

The CPAT is purely aimed at recruiting candidates for the job of a firefighter. The main requirement of this job is to be physically and mentally fit and the ability to risk your own life in order to save the lives of others. This article explains the five easy steps for the ultimate test prep. For more information on the test and its events, you may visit the official website Following are the five easy steps that should be taken up for the test prep:

Step 1: Get Familiar with the Eight Events

The first step must be to know what is included in the test as without knowing these details, you will not be able to start your practice. These eight events have to be completed within a time frame of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. While performing the events, you need to wear a vest that weighs 50 pounds. The brief descriptions pertaining to the different events are given below:

  1. Stair Climb: This is the longest and the hardest task of the CPAT and requires proper preparation as you have to climb a flight of stairs swiftly without holding on to anything. Additionally, an extra weight of 25 pounds is given to you to carry.

  2. Hose Drag: You need to pick up a fire hose and drag it for some distance in this CPAT event.

  3. Equipment carry: In this task, you will be given a piece of equipment such as chainsaws and you will have to carry them over some distance.

  4. Ladder Raise and Extension: As the name suggests, you need to use two ladders and place them on top of each other in this task.

  5. Forcible Entry: In this task, you need to force open a blockage to enter the premises.

  6. Search: This is a search operation task that has been designed to look for some items or injured victims of fire.

  7. Rescue: In this task, you need to drag a mannequin out of the dangerous areas into the open.

  8. Ceiling Breach and Pull: In this event, you may need to break open a ceiling and pull out a person trapped on the upper floor.

Step 2: Go through some Popular Study Guides

The next step would be to prepare yourself for the exercises you might need to undertake before the actual test. For this, you need to go through some popularly available study guides. You can study the exercises that these guides recommend for excellent test preparation pertaining to specific events as well for overall fitness. Also, it becomes very important that you choose the best study guides available. You need to consider the amount of suggestions and practice exercises mentioned in each guide before purchasing the particular guide.

Step 3: Start your Own Practice

The next step should be to follow the exercises mentioned in the study guides. You need to allocate some time to practice every day because building strength is a matter of time. You need to be consistent in your efforts and cannot afford to skip practice for long intervals of time. This should be the best test prep that you can have.

Step 4: Take Orientations

When you register for the CPAT, you are given two orientation classes within the fee of 150$. It is recommended that you take these two orientation classes within a period of eight weeks prior to the actual test date. In the orientation, you will come to know of the steps involved for each event and some rules and regulations that you need to follow. This is an important part of preparation as it removes any confusion that you may have regarding the procedure involved in taking up this test.

Step 5: Take a Timed Practice Run

This is the last step of the test prep. By paying an additional 25$, you can go in for a timed practice session. It will be exactly like the actual test as while taking it, you can practically go through each of the steps and events one-by-one and experience them before the real test. This would be an ideal way to prepare for the CPAT and be aware of its rules and regulations.

Hence, it can be concluded that the above mentioned preparatory steps are very important. You need to follow these in the same order as they are mentioned. Remember that you must take care of the orientations and practice sessions as without them, you will not able to judge where you stand in terms of the required fitness level for the test!

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