Prepare For The CPAT With The Help Of Study Materials

Things to Be Avoided While Choosing a CPAT Prep Guide

A preparation guide is a resource for candidates to help them learn everything about the test, in detail, and help them practice for an examination. A study aid may be a human being or an article (a book, a video, a study manual) which serves as a preparation resource for a person wanting to take the test.

The CPAT is an entrance examination that firefighting candidates have to take in order to pursue a career in firefighting in the USA. This examination comprises eight categories of tests that assess the firefighting aptitude of the examinees. This examination is quite difficult, as the candidates have to perform complex physical activities, of international standards, in a short duration of time. The examinees of this examination are very strictly supervised. Therefore, candidates can pass this examination only with proper preparation.

Steps to Prepare for the CPAT

A good prep guide will make the candidates aware of the steps that they have to take in order to prepare for the test. Some of the important steps for in CPAT preparation are as follows:

  1. Be athletically oriented- Passing this examination requires performance of a variety of sophisticated physical tasks in a short time duration of only 10 minutes and 20 seconds . Therefore, firstly, a candidate, who wants to take this test, should be a practiced exerciser. A person who leads a sedentary life will not be able to successfully complete the tough examination; as such a person will not be able to perform the tough exercises on the day of the examination, without practice.

  2. Practice test-specific exercises- Any good study guide will corroborate the fact that it is not enough for a candidate to be simply athletically oriented. This candidate should also practice test-specific exercises well, before attempting this examination. He/she can watch the official test orientation video ( to understand the kind of activities that a examinee will have to typically perform.

  3. Join a good coaching center- The best thing that one can do to make one's preparation for the test effective, is to join a good coaching center for getting trained on test-specific exercises. Some of the good coaching centers simulate the test environment completely, thus making the candidate's experience of the final examination, a cakewalk! In tutoring houses, candidates will be made to practice for this examination using the exact costumes and equipment that they have to use while taking the test. In preparation centers, a candidate may also take the help of an expert preparation mentor, who will guide him/her well for this examination and see to it that he/she performs well in this examination.

  4. Take maximum benefit from the official test orientation and preparatory sessions- The test administration authorities officially arrange for the Orientation and Practice sessions for all candidates registering for the test. The registered candidates should compulsorily attend these sessions, and try to learn as much as possible in them, for performing well in the test. They can also access the official CPAT Orientation Guide and CPAT Orientation Video, online, for knowing about all that is expected of them in this examination.

How to Choose a Good CPAT Prep Guide

A candidate should be cautious while choosing a good guide, as this resource will play a major role in the quality of performance of a candidate in this firefighting entrance examination. Discussed below are certain points that will let one know the avoidable criteria while selecting a test guide:

  • Unauthorized Preparation Guides- A guide book should be a test-certified expert. A candidate should not take coaching from non-test-certified persons. A candidate should also refer to guide books that are written by test experts only, and not by others.

  • Non-specific Coaches- A guide should be totally focused on the examination and nothing else. This holds true in the case of books also. A guide book which deals exclusively with preparation information is expected to provide in-depth and high quality test-specific guidance, than a book that deals with information on other examinations also.

  • Busy and bad coaches- A preparation guide should be available to students to mentor them well and provide them with immensely useful tips for performing well in the test. Coaches who do not have these qualities can be avoided, even though they may be CPAT experts. Alongside, coaches and guide books that cannot explain the topics in a manner that is easily understandable and implementable by candidates, should be avoided.


A good guide is highly recommended for persons wanting to take this challenging examination. Hence, one must choose a good quality guide to perform well in this highly competitive examination.