Understand The Different Parts Of The CPAT

A Quick Overview of CPAT

The Candidate Physical Ability Test is also known as the CPAT. It is a physical skill-based test that firefighting recruits and candidates across the USA need to give in order to kick-start their career in any of the various firefighting departments. It is a test of how the candidates can demonstrate their physical endurance and stamina while performing tasks that are to be performed in every firefighting and rescue operation. There are a total of eight events that have to be carried out as part of the test in a total time period of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. In case you want more information on these eight events and how to carry on the registration process for it, you may go to the official website of CPAT i.e. www.candidatephysicalabilitytest.com. This article will explain in detail about the eight events and everything else you need to know about the test.

The Eight Events of the CPAT

As mentioned before, there are a total of eight items or physical activities that you have to successfully complete in the entire test. These have to be completed in a total time period of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. Each of these eight tasks requires you to be in your best physical and mental form. You need to completely fit and agile as you need to gather all your stamina. Additionally, throughout all these eight events, you need to wear a vest that will weigh 50 pounds. These eight tasks are described in detail below:

  1. Stair Climb: This is the first event of the test and is also the one that takes the longest time. It is also the hardest one to perform. In this event, you need to climb a long flight of stairs while wearing a vest that weighs 50 pounds and carrying an extra weight of 25 pounds on your shoulders. The speed you are expected to maintain in order to successfully complete this task is 60 steps in a minute on an average. This task will test the strength of your legs and your overall sense of balance that you need to maintain without holding on to anything.

  2. Hose Drag: This is the second event of the test. As soon as you finish climbing the stairs, at the top, you need to hold a water hose from its front nozzle and then drag it across for 75 feet. Then you need to make a turn around a barrel and drag the hose for another 25 feet on the ground. Your aerobic skills will be put to test in this event.

  3. Equipment Carry: In this third event of the test, you have to pick up two chainsaws while wearing a vest containing 50 pounds of weight. Holding the chainsaws in your hands, you need to run 75 feet towards a point and then come back.

  4. Ladder Raise and Extension: In this fourth event of the test, you are required to hold and lift a horizontal ladder upwards and consequently join it with another vertical ladder.

  5. Forcible Entry: The next event of the test needs you to enter a specially designated forcible entry station. At this point, you have to destroy any kind of blockage such as a door, a table, an obstruction, a wall, ceiling, or window. You have to maintain your balance on your feet while performing this activity.

  6. Search: The next event of the test requires you to look for and find a missing item or an injured victim in a room that will be full of smoke.

  7. Rescue: This is an important event of the test. In real life, you may have to repeat this event many times if you are able to pass the test. Here, you have to walk for a distance of 85 feet and then lift a dummy model of a man before dragging it along for 35 feet.

  8. Ceiling Breach or Pull: This event of the test evaluates whether you can force open a ceiling above yourself and check for any possible fire damage or any injured persons in the floor above yours.

Eligibility Requirements of the Test

There are some basic requirements or eligibility conditions that you have to fulfill in order to take the test. These basic conditions are highlighted as follows:

  1. You need to be of minimum 18 years of age.
  2. You must be able to get a health clearance from a registered doctor.
  3. You must have a completely clean criminal record.

If you are looking for more details, you can visit the following link: http://www.candidatephysicalabilitytest.com/firefighter-requirements/.

Hence, it can be subsequently concluded that a lot of practice is needed to pass this test successfully. A number of events in the test assess your bodily strength. Hence, you need to consider the information mentioned above to pass the test.

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