Test Centers for COMPASS

How to decide which Test Center is best for you

The COMPASS test offers an excellent opportunity to the students for continuing their college studies and choosing the courses that they wish to study in college. The scores of COMPASS test are delivered immediately after the completion of the exam and the test takers can discuss them with the advisors or counselors of college before arriving at a conclusion whether the courses chosen by the institution are appropriate for them and match their skills.

As far as the COMPASS test is concerned, there is no time limit for taking this test. Moreover, an applicant is allowed to take a particular section of test on a test date and decide to complete the remaining tests later. However, a student must inform the authorities before taking the decision of changing the schedule of the test or taking any portion of the test on another date.

The Location of COMPASS Test

However, those students who are appearing for this test must know the center for taking the test.

The COMPASS Internet National Remote Testing Network is one of the most preferable tools that is used for arranging the Diagnostic and Placement tests of the exam in more than 550 approved centers. However, the students can also use this facility in order to locate the test centers that are located across the United States and the international sites of testing. Thus, the candidates will have little or no problems about finding a location. Along with the usefulness of this testing network for finding the nearest test centers in your state, it is the fastest mode of getting an approval for test centers in order to take the test.

The National Remote Testing Network is also useful for locating all the COMPASS test centers that are located in the United States and the international testing networks. At the same time, those students who have decided to take this test must have proper knowledge about the same

The test takers must enter their state, city and ZIP code for locating the COMPASS test centers in the United States at http://www.act.org/compass/sites/index.html. The International Remote Testing Sites are located in Canada, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Sweden and the international testing centers for these countries are mentioned below. The students can also log on to http://www.act.org/compass/sites/international.html for more information about taking the test from the international sites.

  • Canada : George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario
  • China : Beijing Royal School in Beijing Town, Changping District
  • Germany : Army Education Center in Bamberg, Germany
  • Hong Kong: Maxway Education in Admiralty Hong Kong and Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority in Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Singapore : USEIC in Singapore
  • Sweden : Malmo Borgarskola in Malmo, Sweden
  • Vietnam: Center for International Training Cooperation with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Overview of the Internet Remote Testing Sites

The Internet Remote Testing Sites are equipped with the following features:

  • A student willing to take COMPASS may call an institution. The authorities at the institution should make a note of the student’s ZIP code for helping him to find out a  test center near his/her place of residence. Thus, it will be easier for the student to know the center where the test is to be taken.

  • After this, the student gets a confirmation message in his/her e-mail about the place of test.

  • The students have to pay a proctor fee for utilizing the services of the remote testing network and there is no other fee amount to be paid except this.

Judging the Best Test Center for Taking COMPASS

The COMPASS test takers who are appearing for the test from the United States should select the test centers according to their place of residence. Moreover, taking a rational decision while choosing a test center is necessary as the test takers must reach the center within time. Thus, the students should orient their search in a way that allows them to choose an appropriate center, which is easily accessible from their residence.

The international students will however, have to depend on the designated test centers for taking the COMPASS test. Being one of the most important tools for assessing the skills and abilities of the students, knowing the exact location is as important as is the preparation for this test.

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