Locations for Taking COMPASS Online

Steps to Selecting a COMPASS Test Center

The COMPASS test is one of the most prominent tools of assessment for the students through which the admission authorities of colleges are able to test their skills and abilities that are required for pursuing their college education. It is not a timed test, which implies that the students can take as much time as they want for completing the sections of this exam. Moreover, the students can take only one or two tests in a particular session and take the remaining part of the test after taking permission from the concerned college authorities.

The Internet Version of COMPASS Test

The location of the online exam  is one of the major issues that come in the mind of a test taker before gearing up for the actual day of the test. A COMPASS aspirant may decide to take the internet version of the test by installing it in the computer that is present in the workstation. The following points will highlight some of the major aspects of the COMPASS online exam:

  • The protocol of the internet version of COMPASS test is https, which is used through a socket, secured by SSL.

  • The internet version of the test can be installed in the computer through which the questions of this test and the score information are sent to a workstation that is responsible for conducting the online version of COMPASS.

  • If a student has completed two sections of this test and intends to take the rest through the internet version, the previous test and the responses can be downloaded.

  • The scores of the students are also sent to the workstation that is responsible for conducting the online COMPASS test.

  • The COMPASS test begins only after the registration of the MAC address, which is to be done by following a few steps. For more information on this, the students should log on to http://www.act.org/compass/tech/techpages/InternetFAQ.html, which will provide an answer to the query of a student who is often confused with the question about the location of online test.

The points that are mentioned above will clear the initial doubts of the students about the online COMPASS test and will not be a worrying issue for those students who intend to take this test through the internet version. However, if a student has begun the COMPASS test through the internet version, the remaining portions of the test should be completed through the same version. A test center will become easier to locate only when the students follow the stepwise guide for taking the online version of the test.

How to Select COMPASS Test Center?

The COMPASS test can also be taken in the Windows version, which is used by most of the students for taking this test. Therefore, if a student is wondering where can I take the COMPASS test online, he/she should also check out the steps for choosing a COMPASS test center near his house.

  • The COMPASS Internet National Remote Testing Network can be used for locating a test center; in fact, there are over 550 test centers that are located in the United States.

  • The COMPASS test is not only administered for the students of United States, but also for those students who belong to Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong , Singapore, Vietnam and Sweden in the test centers approved by the authorities as part of international testing.

  • For remote testing, the students must call the institution and the authorities must note the ZIP code of the students in order to help them find the nearest location for taking the COMPASS test.

  • Thereafter, an email message is sent to them conforming the venue and time of the test.

  • For using the facility of remote testing, the students must pay a proctor fee and the units of COMPASS that are used by them are taken from the institution where the students take the test. Thus, a test taker should try to log on to the relevant website and gather the required details about online test locations.


The COMPASS is one for the most significant gateways for the students for continuing their college education and the students can either take the internet version of the test or set through the Windows version. However, the method for taking the COMPASS test should be strictly followed by the students before registering for this exam.