Information About COMPASS

Why do students prefer COMPASS Test?

The COMPASS Test is a primary assessment tool for all colleges to allow students to choose the subjects that they wish to study. By taking this computer-adaptive test, the students are able to secure an opportunity to continue their college education.

The Features of COMPASS Test

what is COMPASS test? Let us sum up the features of this test in the following points:

  • For those students who are curious about COMPASS, the explanation is simple. COMPASS is an exam in which the students have to answer multiple-choice questions without following the restrictions of time.

  • The test takers will have sufficient time for answering each section of the test although it has been observed that the total time taken by the students for taking this test is 2-3 hours.

  • There are more students who are keen to know about the scoring system of this test. There are no pass/fail scores for this test and the scores attained by the students determine their skills and abilities in the subjects that are tested in the COMPASS exam.

  • There is a range of scores specified by different colleges for studying particular levels of courses. For instance, there is a specific range of scores for studying entry-level courses and not attaining the scores would imply that a student requires instructional support before continuing with college education.

  • However, those who want to seek information about this test must also know that there is an option of re-test for every college although a majority of them have a waiting period before availing this option.

  • The COMPASS test evaluates the competence of the students in the Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Mathematics, Essay Writing and English as a Second Language.

  • Those students who are keen about COMPASS exam, will know in the due course of appearing for this test that they will not only get an opportunity of suitable placement in the college of their choice, but also associate themselves with those networks that will allow them to strengthen their knowledge.

The Sections of COMPASS Test

What are the test sections and the topics on which the questions are asked?

  • Reading Skills: There are five types of reading comprehension passages that are divided into the following categories: Practical Reading, Prose Fiction, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Humanities.

  • Writing Skills: In this section of the COMPASS exam there are two major categories of test that include Usage/Mechanics and Rhetorical Skills. The test takers are required to identify the errors related to Punctuation, Basic Grammar and Usage and Sentence Structure in the first category; in the second category the errors are related to Strategy, Organization and Style.

  • Mathematics: The test takers have to prove their competence in Basic Skills, Application Skills and Analysis Skills while performing the mathematical tasks. The test items include Numerical Skills/Pre Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.

  • Essay Writing: This is an independent writing task in which the test takers have to construct their own opinions, support them through appropriate arguments and express them in a lucid manner.

  • English as a Second Language: This is test of Listening, Reading and Grammar/Usage for the non-native speakers and determining their knowledge of Standard American English.

What is the Reason for the Students to Prefer COMPASS Test

The COMPASS test is preferably taken by lots of students, but what is the reason for the same? Let us try to find out the reasons from the following points:

  • The COMPASS test is a basic test that allows the students to continue their college education.
  • The students need not take all the sections of the test together although the admission authorities of the college must be informed before taking the test in two different sessions. However, the scoring system remains the same irrespective of the pattern of taking this test.
  • The COMPASS is the most standardized tool for measuring the skills and abilities of the students and it has widespread acceptability as far as pursuing college studies are concerned.
  • For taking this test, the students do not have to worry about attaining passing scores or following time limits. Therefore, they can focus on the test for achieving their desired targets with respect to the score.

It is true that COMPASS test offers an excellent opportunity to the students for measuring their skills and tracking their progress although they should know what this test is about and familiarize themselves with the contents of the test for achieving their target.

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