COMPASS for Wake Tech College

Significance of COMPASS for Wake Tech

The COMPASS placement test is a computer adaptive test given to incoming freshmen. The scores in this test reflect the student's ability and knowledge. Based on these scores, the students are advised on the courses they can take up. The subjects tested in this exam are:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing Skills
  3. Writing Essay
  4. Math
  5. English as a Second Language

Wake Tech is a community college which offers the COMPASS test.

The COMPASS is a very important test at the Wake Tech College. This test does not decide whether you get admission here or not. However, the scores in this test decide whether you can take college level courses or you have to begin with review courses.

This community college has an Individualized Learning Center (ILC). This helps the students prepare for the exam in the reading, writing and math sections. The resources at the center can be used or students can also request for self-study materials.

Test Registration

The test is administered at more than one location. It is best that you take this test where your program of study is available. The website, has the details of the courses offered and the locations where it is available.

Once you have selected the testing location you can reserve a seat for taking up the test. For this, click on this link and fill up the form. Sometimes, the session you are looking for may not be listed. This means that the session is full and you have to select another session.

Cancellation of Test Reservation

You can cancel the test reservation by logging on to this website, In the form, your reservation number has to be entered and to confirm, your last name also has to be entered.

Test Scores

You can get the official copies of the placement test scores. You can request the score card to be sent to another college or to your home address. This request can be sent by a mail or by fax.

Placement Guide

The website, gives the details of the courses that are offered for the various score ranges.

Disability Accommodation

The COMPASS test for Wake Tech College is disable friendly. If you want a disability accommodation, DSS services must identify you as eligible. An initial interview with a DSS Coordinator has to be attended before scheduling the COMPASS test. The placement test is then scheduled by the coordinator with the necessary accommodations. It is advisable that you give adequate time for DSS to schedule these services.

Test Exemption

Some of the students are exempted from taking this test. This exemption is based on the scores they have attained in various tests. If any one of these conditions is satisfied then the student need not write the COMPASS test.

  • 520 or more in Critical Reading or verbal and 600 or more in math as SAT scores.
  • 21 or more in the Reading, Writing and Math sections of the ACT test.
  • A "C" or higher grade in college-level English and math course.

Note: The ACT or SAT scores must be less than five years old while applying at the Wake Tech Community College.

Retest Options

You can retake the COMPASS test. However, a $10 fee will be collected. The test can be taken only two times in one year. In rare conditions the retest fee is waived. Further details about the few waivers can be learnt at


The COMPASS test at Wake Tech College is like all other placement tests. It is advisable that you understand the test format and understand the importance of the test. Only with proper preparation can you attain a good score in the test and enroll for the courses of your interest. This Community College itself helps you in your preparation. Use all the resources wisely and do well in the test.