Scores on the COMPASS Test

What are Good, Bad and Average COMPASS Scores?

The COMPASS test is administered for students for helping them to choose suitable programs and courses in colleges. However, this test is different from the conventional sources of measuring the potential of students as the scores do not indicate their pass or fail status. In fact, the scores indicate whether a student is able enough to take admission in the entry level programs or not. However, not getting the desired scores shows that a student or an applicant of this test requires strengthening his/her preparation before taking the test again.

COMPASS Scores at a Glance

Knowing about COMPASS scoring is very important for the test takers when it comes to success although putting genuine efforts is perhaps more important in this case. The COMPASS test scores keep varying for colleges and universities for fulfilling the parameters of their admission although there are no passing scores that can be declared by them. During the process of gaining knowledge about scores, a student is expected to expand his/her knowledge on good, bad and average scores that can be obtained by the students. Let us sum up this concept in the next few points:

  • Those students who attain good scores in this test will naturally have the best opportunities for selecting the colleges in which they want to study and the subjects the freedom of choosing the courses after consultation with the course advisors and counselors. Studying the advanced level courses becomes easier for those students who are able to get good scores in the COMPASS test.

  • As far as the results of COMPASS are concerned, the test takers attaining average scores are allowed to pursue the entry level courses in colleges. The test takers have to find out the required COMPASS scores of different colleges and tally them with their scores for determining whether the scores obtained by them can be used for the fulfillment of their career goals or not.

  • The COMPASS scores are considered bad when they cannot be utilized for studying the basic courses; rather those candidates are required to strengthen their skills before taking the test again.

  • Acquiring information about COMPASS scoring offers the best option for students to enhance their chances of success in this test. Not only does a candidate get an opportunity to pursue his/her education after taking the COMPASS test, it also allows the students to monitor their academic progress for necessary action.

  • The test takers must also remember that putting long hours of effort is not the only way of attaining success in this test. The basic purpose or objective of the test goes much beyond that, thereby allowing the students to improvise their preparation techniques or determining the causes of failure and success in this test.

  • For getting an insight into the scores, the students need to find out the score requirements of an institution after communicating with the advisors and counselors of this test.

The COMPASS Scores required by Universities

Some of the score requirements of colleges and universities can be noted in the following points:

  • For Fort Valley State University, the minimum scores of COMPASS are 32 in Writing Skills Test. 62 in Reading Skills and 20 in Mathematics.

  • Similarly, for Kennesaw State University, the admission authorities decide whether the candidates should take all the sections of COMPASS test or a few of them after perusing the SAT/ACT scores. However, the students are expected to obtain the scores that are prescribed by them for COMPASS. Thus, the minimum score for Writing is 32, Reading is 62 and 20 in Mathematics.

  • For Arkansas Tech University, the students must obtain the minimum scores of 75 in Writing, 41 in Mathematics and 81 in Reading.

  • In Albany State University, the students must appear for COMPASS test when they are unable to reach the target scores of SAT. Accordingly, the minimum scores for COMPASS required by this University include 60 in Writing, 37 in Mathematics and 74 in Reading.

Thus, when it comes to the scores of COMPASS, the candidates are required to explore all the options that are available for taking this test as the motive of every student is to get the required scores in order to fulfill their academic goals.