Taking the COMPASS on the Internet

Steps of taking COMPASS Test Online

The COMPASS test is taken by the students for measuring their aptitude, which is required for pursuing their college education. It is administered for the students through the following versions:

  • The Internet version or online COMPASS test
  • The Windows version

How to Take COMPASS Test Online?

Those students who are keen to take the online version of COMPASS must note the following steps:

  • The students may start by logging on to the workstation under which they are to take the online version of the COMPASS test.
  • The display settings of the Windows should pertain to a resolution of 800 X 600 for taking this test.
  • The website of COMPASS sends a series of information to the computer of the test taker in which the internet version of the test is installed. While doing so, the MAC address of the user’s computer is registered. In fact, the test cannot begin until the registered MAC address is verified.
  • The verification of the MAC address takes place at the time of beginning of the test for those who are keen to attempt the online test.
  • The items of the test are supposed to be downloaded by the students as soon as the test begins and they must mention the rights at the workstation that administers the internet version of the test.
  • As the students choose the responses or the correct answers, they are uploaded and saved for the individual sections of Reading, Writing and Mathematics.
  • If a student takes only a part of the COMPASS test and decides to take the remaining version of this test later, the previous responses are downloaded on the wokstation. However, once a student decides to take this version, he/she cannot change to the Windows version.

The Registration Process for Online COMPASS Test

The processes of registration for those students who want to take the online COMPASS test are summed up in the following points:

  • The students must log on to the website www.compass.act.org and enter their ID number or the password.
  • Thereafter, the students must click on a button, which is also called the Workstation Setup button and then click on the Register radio button.
  • After the completion of this procedure, the students should click on the option called "Get MAC Address": that will complete the identification of the MAC address and subsequently that of the workstation.

Test Center and Cost of the Test

 There are no separate centers in which the online test is conducted. Instead, the students must take the test under different workstations for the areas in which they reside. In short, the test takers have to log on to the workstation for obtaining the registered MAC address before taking the test. The COMPASS aspirants have to pay a proctor fee within 45$ in order to avail the internet version of the test.


The online COMPASS test offers an excellent opportunity to the students who are located in distant places and are unable to take the test from an approved center. Being one of the most popular and widely used tools for measuring the skills of the test takers, this test has emerged as the most viable option for the students.

Those students who want to avail the opportunity of the online test should follow the steps of taking it with discipline. They should gear up for the procedures that are to be followed for accessing the internet version of the COMPASS exam. At the same time, they should know that in the internet version of COMPASS test, the score reports of the students are delivered immediately by downloading the reports to the workstation.

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