Details of Using Study Guides for COMPASS

How to Make the Best Use of a Study Guide for COMPASS Math?

Many institutions in the US utilize the COMPASS scores to decide the college-readiness and the best possible course work for their students. In other words, though the test does not have a specific pass or fail scoring criteria, the scores of the test play an important role in deciding your academic future, and even the career line you might be moving into. It is, therefore, critical that you learn about the test, and be prepared for it, well ahead. This article will tell you how to make use of a prep book in the Mathematics section. You can also find reviews for three of the popular study guides for the COMPASS Math test here.

The ACT COMPASS Test and the Math Test

The COMPASS is a customizable package of various subject tests, including Mathematics. All the sections are untimed and computerized. In addition to helping colleges decide the preparedness of students for particular courses, the test also aids colleges in making plans for improvement and remedial programs for students to improvise in weaker areas.

The Math COMPASS test is designed to evaluate the knowledge and abilities of the students required for college -level Mathematic programs. Like its other counterparts, this test helps institutions and colleges perform the following functions:

  • Measure the academic abilities and levels of students in Mathematics
  • Place them in appropriate Math courses at college level
  • Diagnose any weak areas, plan for remedial measures to make necessary improvements, and thus enable a smoother learning process during the completion of the course

For more information on ACT COMPASS Math test, refer to the official website:

Preparing for the COMPASS Math Test

With a clear understanding of the purpose, structure, and pattern of the COMPASS testing, you may not need additional practice classes for tackling the math section. A little bit of additional focus on your planned course or subject area, however, will only help you do better in this test. For taking up Math courses in the college, you should focus more on the COMPASS Math test areas like pre-algebra, algebra, college-level algebra, and trigonometry, etc. Additionally, you may have to prove your college-readiness in the Reading and Writing tests, as well.

You can find a lot of study guides and books for Math test preparation, today. Learn some tips here on how to make the best use of any of these guides, especially for the Math section:

  1. Ensure that the prep book you choose focuses on the Mathematics area and covers all the topics like algebra, pre-algebra, trigonometry, and college-level algebra. Also, check if it includes information about the important aspects of the test including the Math testing levels, and provides you sample questions and practice tests. Also, ensure that the study guide provides accurate and authentic information on the relevant topics.
  2. If you are looking for any particular topics like algebra, ensure that your chosen resource covers the required areas and comprehensive test taking resources for the area.
  3. Once you select a study guide, you must utilize all the information provided in the study guide. An appropriate guide might include useful information on various aspects of planning, preparing and test taking. You must make good use of all these in your preparation.

COMPASS Math Study Guides

Listed here are three of the COMPASS Math study guides for you. In addition, you can find sample questions at the official COMPASS website:

  1. The Test Prep Mathematics( is an online resource for Math preparation. This free resource covers algebra, geometry, and other relevant areas tested in the COMPASS Math test. In addition, this can be called a comprehensive package with a pretest, post test, and many practice test questions. Answer keys are included for all the post, pre, and practice and quiz questions.

  2. COMPASS Exam - Bob Miller's Math Prep( is another important and popular study guide to COMPASS Math preparation. Prepared by Bob Miller, an experienced Math teacher, this is a comprehensive study guide to COMPASS Math test. This is a guide with easy-to-follow review information with chapters covering all the pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry areas and skills tested in COMPASS. Examples and drills are also included, along with two practice tests based on actual test questions. Special study tips, strategies and test day tips from Bob are considered the attractions of this title.

  3. COMPASS Math Study Guide from Davenport University ( is a guide that provides overview information on the kinds of skills and levels tested in COMPASS Math test. This is not considered a complete study guide, however.

 This is only a representative list. You may find many more titles both online and in local bookstores and libraries. While selecting any test prep guide, however, make sure that it fits your specific needs for taking the COMPASS Math test.