Problems Encountered While Studying for the COMPASS

5 Pitfalls While Studying from a COMPASS Test Guide

Preparing for the COMPASS Test

If you are taking the COMPASS test, you need to make sure that you are preparing for the same in the most effective manner. After all, you will need a high score if you wish to enrol for a college level course. Each and every college has a cut-off score for students who wish to enrol and if your score is lower than this score, you will not be given admission to the college for the course of your choice. This is the reason why you need to study and prepare well. You will have to prepare for the exam as soon as you decide to take this test. It is not possible for you to obtain a good score if you are not prepared for it. With so many guides available in the market, you will not have any problem looking for the right book to help you prepare for the exam. However, there are certain things that you should not do when you are preparing for the exam by making use of the guide book because doing the same may prevent you from studying effectively.

Five Pitfalls While Preparing with a COMPASS Guide Book

  1. Use a good guide book: One of the most common mistakes that many students make, when they study for this test, is that they buy just any book that they find in the market. Keep in mind that some books are very helpful while others are not so. You should first carry out research about which is the best book and then buy the same to help you prepare for the test.
  2. Do not just read, understand: Many students have the habit of just reading the pages of the guide book during preparation but you need to know that simply reading is not enough. You need to understand the contents well too. You need to find out what each of the three sections is about and how you should work on the questions.
  3. Practice tests: You will find that most of the popular and good books contain practice tests. You have to take these tests so that you will be able to find out how well prepared you are for the exam. Moreover, you will also be able to get a good idea about the format of the test.
  4. Study in a quiet room: When you study for this exam, you need to make sure that you study in a room where you will not be distracted or disturbed by anything or any person. Also, it is a good idea to leave your mobile phone somewhere else instead of taking it with you to the place where you will be studying. You might get distracted when your phone is near you.
  5. Do not skip chapters: Just because there are certain topics that you may not like in the book, it does not mean that you should skip them while studying. You have to make sure that you read the study guide from the beginning till the end, one page after the other so that you will be able to understand the test clearly.

Reviews of COMPASS Math Guide Books

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