Reviews of Guides for the COMPASS

COMPASS Math Guides by Professionals

A part of the COMPASS testing, the Math section, is a standardized and diagnostic tool that helps educational institutions evaluate the college-readiness of applicants for college Math programs. While preparing for a college-Math course, it is vital that you learn more about this section in COMPASS, and accordingly prepare yourself. If you are  planning to grab a few prep books, here is a list of three reviews for COMPASS test resources on which you can rely for the math test:

An Introduction to COMPASS Math Test

Before moving on to the list of review of math prep books, we need to understand this test. The Math section is a part of the COMPASS package, and it can be included in the test administration if required by the institution. For example, for a student taking Writing programs only, and no Math courses, the Math section may not be included in the test administration.

The COMPASS test is conducted in both diagnostic and placement modes. While the placement test focuses on measuring the expertise and skill levels of applicants as required for college-Math courses, the diagnostic test provides a more diagnostic and analytical view of the students' abilities, strengths, and any shortcomings relevant to the Math programs at college-level. Thus, the Math test helps in both making placement decisions and planning for developmental programs for students for their weak areas.

The following are the different core topics included in the Math COMPASS tests:

  • Numerical skills/Pre-algebra
  • Algebra
  • College Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry

All Math COMPASS tests include multiple-option questions, where test takers are required to select the correct answers by making use of the following core skills and abilities:

  • Basic operations
  • Application of basic operations
  • Conceptual understanding of theorems, principles, and relationships
  • Analytical power

COMPASS Math Preparation

While preparing for this section, you need to understand the test pattern, content, and question types first, and then focus on relevant areas. For this, you may choose from a variety of preparation resources available including prep programs and review of study materials. However, before choosing any material or program, ensure that it meets your specific needs for preparation.Though a comprehensive COMPASS test material would be of great help, you may also need specific resource for Algebra or College Algebra, if you need to focus on those areas. Thus, choosing a test preparation material can be a tricky thing, if you are not sure what you want. You may use the following review of these materials for choosing the best guide for yourself:

COMPASS Math Resource Reviews

Given below is a review list covering three professional COMPASS Math prep resources:

  1. COMPASS Exam - Bob Miller's Math Prep -This is an important and very popular resource for COMPASS Math placement test preparation today. This Math guide is authored by one of the experienced Math faculties and professionals, Mr. Bob Biller. With detailed review information and chapters covering all the relevant Math areas and topic, this guide also includes special tips and strategies from Mr. Miller. Practice tests and questions, examples, and drills are the other significant features of this guide, which is considered a comprehensive resource for COMPASS Math preparation.
    You may find more details about this prep resource at:

  2. The resources from are popular materials for test preparation ( The Math study guides from MyCOMPASStest include review lessons on core Algebra and pre-Algebra areas including integers, decimals, polynomials, and so on. Moreover, these resources are available free of cost online.

  3. COMPASS Math Test Success: 150 Compass Math Problems & Solutions is a resource used by many for COMPASS Math preparation. This is a guide that focuses on the practice aspect of preparation. Solutions are provided with illustrations, formulae, and steps so that it is easy to understand even the toughest problems. All the different areas of testing like Algebra, College Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry are covered. This comprehensive Math study guide is from Academic Success Media, a reputed publisher with many COMPASS prep titles to their credit. You may find more details online at: Note that this is only an indicative review for COMPASS test prep materials list. There could be many more resources that you can choose for your test preparation. You may find them online, or at local bookstalls, or libraries. However, before choosing a prep material, ensure that it fits your requirements and help you score high in this test by going through the websites and resources that provide a review of COMPASS test prep materials.