Study Guides for the Reading Test of COMPASS

Must-Have Reading COMPASS Study Guide

The COMPASS test intends to assess the skills and abilities of the students for allowing them to choose the courses that they want to study in college. However, COMPASS is different from other exams because it is no more than a test of assessment as there are no passing scores that are declared for this test; rather the students will have the opportunity of taking a retest if they are unable to obtain the required scores for studying the entry-level courses in college. Moreover, there is no restriction of time imposed on the students for taking this test thereby enabling them to focus on each section of the test while answering the questions.

There are five areas on the basis of which the COMPASS test measures the skills of the students. These sections of the test can be noted in the points below:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language

Reading Skills Test : Things to Know

In the Reading Skills section, the students have to prove whether they have the competence for studying English courses in college. The questions in this section are based on five comprehension passages that are related to Practical Reading, Prose Fiction, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences in the Placement Test.

There are two systems that are employed for testing the reading skills of the students through these comprehension passages, which allows exploring the knowledge of the students in this section.

  • Referring: The questions are based on the explicit issues that are present in the passage.

  • Reasoning : The reasoning test instructs the test takers to make suitable assumptions based on the passage, present an analytical understanding of the test and also locate those words in the text that are not used often and those that are not easy to comprehend.

In the Reading Diagnostics Test, the sections that the test takers have to demonstrate their skills in are Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Reader Profile. Being a test of assessment, the students who are keen to take this test must have sufficient preparation before taking the exam. A prep book for Reading section carries a lot of importance for enhancing the scores in this section of the test. Easier said than done, a COMPASS aspirant must have access to an appropriate guide for tackling the questions of this section with more confidence.

The points below mention must have study guides for COMPASS Reading Test:

  • For this test, the official materials are considered as authentic for the students to use them for preparation. A suitable prep book should wholeheartedly contribute for the preparation of COMPASS test. The test aspirants should log on to for all the assistance that they would require while studying for this test including the answer explanations.

  • COMPASS Reading Test Success: This is a book that contains practice tests, which is considered as the best method of preparation for this section.

  • The COMPASS Reading samples can also be downloaded from, which is useful for getting an idea about how the reading questions are or what kind of questions can be expected in this section.

While the must-have study guides should be consulted by students, it is also important for each test taker to consider a review of the same before taking the test. A majority of students fare poorly in the Reading section because they are not sufficiently prepared to take this exam. The following points will sum up the reviews of these study guides for helping the test aspirants:

  • COMPASS Exam Practice Questions: This book has been prepared by COMPASS Exam practice prep team and comprises of numerous practice questions on all the sections of this test. This book also includes answer keys and detailed explanations for the questions.

  • COMPASS Exam Practice: This book contains effective preparatory materials and modules prepared by Success team and are useful for test takers.

  • The students can also use flashcards while preparing for COMPASS test and know how to solve the questions in a convenient and easy manner. For more information, they can log on to This is an interesting prep resource for Reading section and a test taker will have a fun way of learning the contents of the Reading test through this.

The COMPASS test offers numerous opportunities for students for continuing their college education. However, using an authentic study material accounts for the success of a student for obtaining good scores in Reading exam. As a matter of fact, the preparation of this test depends on the types of study materials that are used by the students.