Practice Tests for the COMPASS

7 Benefits of Taking Pre COMPASS Tests

If COMPASS is a part of the admission/placement process at your institution, preparing for the test becomes an essential step in your college preparations. Before starting your preparation with the materials, it is always recommended that you start off with a practice test to assess yourself and accordingly plan your studies. Listed below are seven points that may help you understand the importance of practice test as a mode of preparation. However, before moving on to those, it is important to learn about the importance of the COMPASS test as such.

The Importance of the ACT COMPASS Test

Whatever course of study you choose for college, it is expected that you have a minimum level of competence and academic knowledge in the area for successfully completing that course. COMPASS is a test that many colleges and other educational institutions use to evaluate the college-readiness of candidates.

This test battery includes different subject area and skill tests so that all required ability levels and knowledge areas of candidates can be tested, as required for various courses. Accordingly, it is a customizable test also, where the component tests are decided by each administering institute as per their students' choice of courses and the programs they offer. As it is an evaluative test, the COMPASS does not carry any negative scoring for incorrect answers; nor are there any pass or fail criteria for this test. In addition to measuring the abilities and skill levels of candidates, the COMPASS test also helps colleges assess the need for any developmental programs to help them improve in their respective weak areas, if any.

Another important feature of this test is that it is not timed, rather it is self-paced. Hence, each candidate is allowed to take his/her own time to complete the test, and thus, is under no time restraints to finish it off. Accommodated testing is also provided to those eligible, as per the policies at the conducting institute.

You may find more information on the test at the official test website

The Pre COMPASS Test for COMPASS Preparation

As in the case of any other test, the COMPASS also needs systematic preparation and regular practice. For this reason, taking a mock test at the beginning of your preparation is always recommended, as it is a way for you to understand where you stand in terms of the test content. A practice exam is something modeled on the actual test - it includes all relevant topics as in the original test, contains the same types of questions, and provides no time restrictions. Unlike several prep tests, which you take regularly during your preparation, a mock test is often taken once by test aspirants, usually, at the beginning of their test preparations.

If you think practice tests are good enough for your preparations, here are the seven benefits that can compel you to take it:

7 Benefits of Taking the Pre COMPASS Tests

  1. As we have seen, a mock exam is a way to learn about your knowledge and skill levels in the chosen areas. At the beginning of your preparations only, if you know where you stand, it is easier to plan for your preparation.
  2. The pre test results also provide you with a clear picture of your shortcomings, if any. You may, thus, focus on the relevant areas during your practice sessions and improve yourself.
  3. As you also understand your strongholds by way of taking a pre test, you may not waste your effort and time on those areas again. You may, instead, focus on the areas that require your attention more.
  4. As a pre test is modeled on the actual COMPASS test, it is the best way to get first-hand knowledge about the test.
  5. As many of these pretests are available online, you may also not find it very costly to take a pre test. Thus, taking a pre test becomes a cheap and viable option to help in your preparations.
  6. Many of the processional test preparation programs also provide pre tests to help you evaluate yourself. When you do it from your college or a professional provider, you also get an opportunity to discuss and learn about the test question answers in detail. This adds on to your test prep efforts.
  7. Above all, for all the reasons stated, you can improve your chances of attaining success in the actual exam, by considering the option of a mock test.

Thus, there can be different kinds of prep resources and programs for COMPASS; but your preparations may not be complete without taking a pre test. Thus, you must take this test to help yourself do better in the actual one and get the desired scores.

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