The COMPASS for Pierce College Admissions

How does Pierce College use COMPASS Test for Admissions/Placement?

The COMPASS testing for Pierce College is conducted for assessing the basic level of skills and abilities of the students so that they can be placed in suitable learning programs in the college. Before taking this test, the students must note the testing schedule of the exam for the year 2013, which is available online ( and The test is conducted in the following subjects:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as Second Language or ESL

Pierce College and COMPASS

For Pierce College, the exam is administered for the students at Puyallup and Fort Steilacoom Testing centers in the United States. However, it is different from the conventional testing system, as the restriction of time is not applied to it while the students answer the various sections of this test. As a matter of fact, this test is to be taken by all those students who intend to study English or Math courses in this College or any other course that include these subjects.

Although, the students are allowed to spend as much time as possible while taking this test, it is usually completed by the candidates within two and half hours. Those students who fail to obtain the required scores in the COMPASS test of Pierce College are allowed to take a retest after waiting for 5 days from the time of the first test and the delivery of score report.

Moreover, no student requires prior appointment for taking the test for Pierce College as walk-in testing hours are usually available on a weekly basis.

The Evaluation of COMPASS Scores by Pierce College

The following points will sum up the ways in which Pierce College intends to test the skills of the students based on the COMPASS test:

  • The scores of this exam allow the institution to place the students in relevant courses or educational programs. In short, this test acts as a forerunner for the college authorities to understand whether a student is fit to take up a particular course of study in this college or not.

  • Those students who are taking the Pierce College test, need to prove their mettle in one or all the subjects that are tested for assessing the basic skills of the students.

  • Obtaining high scores in COMPASS demonstrate the college readiness of the students.

  • On the other hand, low scores show that a student will require more effective preparation for choosing their preferred courses and subjects in college. For instance, those students with high scores can be placed in the advanced courses while those with low scores can be placed in basic courses.

  • While the option of retest is available for those students who want to take admission in Pierce College, the students should try to focus on sufficient preparation before taking this test. In short, scoring well in COMPASS will allow the students with an array of opportunities while choosing their educational program in Pierce College.


The COMPASS test should be taken in such a manner so that each student is able to obtain reasonable scores and join the classes in Pierce College. When it comes to this test of eligibility, the students must take adequate preparations for achieving their target. There are a variety of online prep classes that are available for the students to make a choice. Besides this, regular practice tests are essential for all the subjects, particularly Mathematics, in order to hone their skills in this subject.

The COMPASS test also allows the students to measure their skills along with their strengths and weaknesses in the subjects that are evaluated through this test. The scores of this exam allow the Pierce College authorities to decide proper courses for placement so that the students are able to fulfill their academic goals with ease.