The COMPASS for the Oakland Community College

Important Points About OCC COMPASS Test


The new student orientation program at the Oakland Community College requires all students to take the COMPASS test in order to enrol for courses in English or Math. For those who have never heard of this test, it stands for Computer Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System. If that sounds unfamiliar to you, it is just an exam that is used to gauge your preparedness for college level courses.

Why Should You Prepare?

If you have applied to OCC, you must prepare for this exam if you want to

  • Complete your graduation quickly
  • Save tuition fees on courses with which you are already familiar.

Points You Should Consider:

Here are some important points to note about the compass test specific to OCC.

  • This is an untimed test. So you can spend the whole day on it, if you want.

  • Every student is required to take the English Section. The math placement test is required if you are taking any math courses.

  • An application for admission to OCC should be submitted before attempting COMPASS.

  • A photo Id is mandatory for appearing in the examination. A driver's license is considered to be a valid ID proof at the Oakland Community College.

  • Students appearing for the English sections are required to take the writing section first, and then the reading section.

  • A SAT verbal score of 450 is required to be exempted from taking the COMPASS English test.

  • Most students complete both the tests in 2.5 hours. The breakdown of time is 1 hour for math and 1.5 hour for English.

  • If you intend to take one exam, you must set aside 2 hours for the test.

  • It is a computer adaptive test. This means that the test engine will decide the next question based on your answers in the previous questions until it determines your skill set. If you answer a question correctly, it will test you on a question with higher difficulty.

  • Questions asked in COMPASS test for OCC are of multiple-choice types. So you must select one answer from the available answer choices.

  • There is no cut-off or minimum GPA for entrance into the Oakland Community College.

  • The results are available immediately after the test.

  • The math placement test is allowed to be repeated two times in two years if you disagree with your placement, or if you think your scores in this exam do not reflect your true ability.

  • Your scores of COMPASS remain valid for two years.

  • While this assessment can be administered as a walk-in test, it is important to acquire information about the schedule to plan your studies accordingly. It can be found at


It is imperative that you brush up your basics before appearing for this test. Various guides and practice tests are available on the internet. Selecting a guide from a good publisher will ensure effective preparation for COMPASS assessment of OCC. An online prep resource that is suggested on the official site of Oakland Community College is

Apart from these resources, additional practice booklets are also available at any OCC Academic Support Centre.


Preparing for OCC enrolment requires disciplined effort and continuous practice for the math section. Taking as many practice tests as possible will make you feel comfortable during the actual test, and help in reducing anxiety.

A good night's sleep and eating well before the test will ensure you are attentive and able to concentrate well during the exam. Selecting the right test centre also goes a long way in ensuring comfort during the exam.