Math Study Guide for COMPASS

Significance of Study Guides to Aid COMPASS Math Prep


The Math section of the COMPASS is a test that will test the basic Mathematical skills of the students. This is a computerized exam where the questions will be displayed on screen and you will have to select the right answers. Since there is no time limit, you can take your time and choose your answers after considering the options properly. Since the questions that you will find will be multiple-choice questions, you will need to choose a right answer for each question from the five options given to you. There are five subject areas that will be tested and these are as follows:

  1. College Algebra
  2. Pre-Algebra
  3. Algebra
  4. Trigonometry
  5. Geometry

The use of calculators is allowed provided they meet the specifications of the examination. You can bring your own calculator or you can use the online calculator that will be provided to you. If you are good at Maths, you will not have any problem with getting the answers right but if you are weak in Maths, then you need to prepare yourself. Some students score low in this test because they did not prepare for the exam. If you wish to obtain a high score, then you need to make use of a good and reliable prep book.

Importance of COMPASS Math Study Guides

If you are going to take the test, you need to make sure that you are buying a popular guide so that it will teach you everything that you need to know about the COMPASS Math. The significance of these guides can not be denied and some of the reasons why you should buy a guide are as follows:

  • Understanding the test and its format: A study guide on the COMPASS Math section will give you all the details about the test and also its format. You can prepare for the exam effectively only when you know what to expect. If you know how the questions will be displayed and what you can look forward to in the exam, then it will help you score high in the test.

  • Help you score high in the test: When you prepare for the exam by using a good guide book, you will definitely benefit because it will help you obtain a good score in the test.

  • Give you tips and suggestions: Most of the books come with tips and suggestions on how you can prepare for the exam effectively. You can make use of the same to help you achieve your goal of obtaining a high score.

Review of Study Guides

Given below are the names of some of the guides that you can consider buying to help you study for the Math Section:

  • Compass Math Test Success by Academic Success Media: When you buy this book, you will be able to work on different types of Math problems that can be expected in the exam. You will find formulas, illustrations and also explanations on how to work on problems. Many students buy this book because they know that it is effective in helping them prepare for the Math section of the exam.

  • Bob Miller's Math Prep for the COMPASS Exam: This is another good book that you can consider buying. It has received positive reviews from many test takers and as such, you can consider using the same to help you prepare for the test. There are two complete sample tests that you will find in this book and you will be able to get a good idea about what kind of questions can come in the actual test when you work on the questions given in this book.

  • Answers Explained by Jill Hacker: If you want to know how to arrive at the answers of different Math problems, then this is one book that you will find to be useful. With this book, you can study for the test effectively and obtain the score that you are targeting.

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