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The COMPASS is taken by the students for studying the degree courses that are offered by Madison Area Technical College. It is a computer-based test that allows the institution to help the students in choosing an appropriate course for continuing college education. However, there is no concept of pass/fail in this test and the scores that are obtained by the students are a measure of their skills and abilities for studying the courses that are offered by this college. On the other hand, obtaining low scores in the subjects that are tested indicates that a student requires support before entering the basic courses that are taught in Madison Area Technical College.

The Test Sections of COMPASS for Madison Area Technical College

The exam is offered in the following subjects:

  • Reading Skills: The Reading Placement Test is based on five comprehension passages including Practical Reading, Prose Fiction, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. The questions in this section of the test are of multiple-choice type and the scores are used to determine whether a student has the competence for studying the entry level courses. The contents of the Diagnostic section of the test include vocabulary, reading comprehension and profile elements of the reader.

  • Writing Skills: The test also measures the writing skills of the test in two major categories, which include Usage/Mechanics and Rhetorical Skills. The students have to identify the errors in the essay, which is related to Punctuation, Grammar and Sentence Structure in the first category. In the second category, which is Rhetorical Skills, the test takers are required to locate the errors that are related to Strategy, Organization and Style.

  • Mathematics: In this section of the exam, participants have to prove their competence in Basic Skills, Application Skills and Analysis Skills. The topics of the placement test include Numerical Skills/Pre Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. In Basic Skills, the test takers are expected to perform a series of basic mathematical tasks whereas in Application Skills, they are supposed to perform complex mathematical operations by applying the basic skills. In Analysis Skills, the test takers should be able to prove that have the knowledge of concepts that are related to the principles and relationships in mathematical tasks.

  • Essay Writing: The Essay Writing Section is an independent writing task that is based on a familiar topic and the test takers have to construct their own opinions and ideas on the issues that are related to the topic. The skills of the participants will also be tested on the clarity of their thoughts and the language in which the ideas will be presented.

  • English as a Second Language: This is a test of English for non-native speakers.

Locations and Duration of COMPASS test for MATC

As far as the COMPASS is concerned, there is no restriction on time that is imposed on the students. In short, the test takers will have sufficient time to focus on each section of the test without worrying about the constraints of time. However, it has been observed that the average time taken by the students for taking this test is around 2-3 hours. There is an option of re-test in Madison Area Technical College if the students are not satisfied with their scores although they are usually suggested to wait for two weeks before taking the test again.

For taking the COMPASS for the MATC, the locations of testing are Commercial Avenue, Downtown, Truax and South in Madison and the region wise locations are Fort Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg and Watertown. For obtaining information about the addresses and the telephone numbers of the test centers, the test takers can log on to

Prep Resources for COMPASS

When it comes to the preparation for the test, candidates can take the assistance of the resources that are suggested by the Madison Area Technical College for English and Mathematics. For more information, the students can log on to and

The COMPASS, conducted by Madison Area Technical College, serves as an excellent opportunity for the students to demonstrate their abilities for pursuing college education and each student should have sufficient preparation for obtaining the required scores that will allow him to study in this institution