Johnson County Community College COMPASS Test Schedule

The COMPASS is an untimed computer adaptive test offered to determine your eligibility before enrolling in classes. This is exempted in case you have a qualifying ACT score or if you have completed a similar course in a different institution with a grade C or above.

It is only a test to determine if you need to take up some pre-courses before you can understand college level courses. In other words, it determines if you are college-ready or not. If you are not, it suggests some courses you must take to become college-ready. The courses that it suggests are based on your performance in the COMPASS.

The test is administered post-admission, and requires a valid JCCC ID. This is an ID that is printed on your ID card and is used to check out materials from the library, access to labs and gyms, events etc.The same ID is mandatory if you intend to walk-in to the test centre for the exam. Remember that the testing centre working hours are subject to change, so it is best to check the official website before planning for your test day. The link for the same is given below:

The biggest advantage of this examination is that it is an untimed test. Thus, it is comforting to know that one can work at his own pace during the test and the score represents the true ability of the student. While it is not expected that you study for a long period of time, you are expected to brush up your basic knowledge of your high school syllabus. This can easily be done using the online study guides available on the official site of testing and services. Here’s the link for study guides:

The guides are available for Reading, Writing and Math, which are the three sections for the test. There is also a pre-test available online that provides instructions to the candidates and is helpful. Here's a list of the instructions provided, so you do not have to waste time in listening to the pre-test instructions.

  1. Why the test is important:

    If you do not test correctly because you did not brush up your basics,

    1. You will be paying more money for courses
    2. You will be taking courses that do not count towards your degree
    3. You will be in school longer because of additional courses.

  2. Duration of the test:

    Each section will take approximately one hour. So you must allow about 1 hour per section, and ensure that you reach the exam centre well before closing hour. You will be allowed in the test centre until one hour before closing hour of the test.

  3. Things to carry:

    A JCCC ID and a government approved photo ID is compulsory to be carried to the testing centre.

  4. Things not allowed in the test centre:

    The things that are not allowed in the test centre are cell phones, electronic devices, hats, scarves, sunglasses, calculator lids, pencil cases and guides/books.If any of these are found, the test is stopped immediately. A calculator not above TI86 is permitted, and scratch paper will be provided at the testing centre.

  5. Dealing with the math section:

    When attempting the math section of the exam, it is important that you answer the first three questions correctly to progress beyond developmental algebra. This is because the test is adaptive and if you answer the first few questions wrongly, the algorithm of the test will assume that you need to be tested on Basic math before advancing to algebra and advanced algebra. Therefore making sure your answers for the first three questions are correct is pivotal in getting you better placed.

  6. Scoring:

    The scores for the exam are available immediately after the exam and are valid for two years.

In conclusion, the preparation for the COMPASS can be done online using resources available online. It is also important to note some points such as things to carry before the exams and the things not allowed, before appearing for the test.